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Whirlpool Stainless Steel Appliance Finish

You dress to look your best. So why would you do any less for your home? Your kitchen? Choosing the right appliances will make or break your kitchen. It doesn’t matter how much you spent on that renovation if you end up in the wrong finish. You want a look that’s daring, something cutting edge, something top of the line. We hear that.

Whirlpool appliances come in finishes to match any style. From sleek and modern, to a classic throwback there’s a look to complete any kitchen. So, what’s your fit?

Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel

Whirlpool Fingerprint Resistant Finish

Hail to the King, baby. For more than twenty-five years, stainless steel has been the finish in kitchen appliances. And it’s hard to argue with perfection. Except… The fingerprints.

It’s hard to pull off that high-end professional style when you’re flashing smudges down your front. That’s why Whirlpool’s introduced the most effective fingerprint resistant stainless steel you can buy.

Whirlpool’s innovative fingerprint resistant stainless finish gives you everything you want. A rich matte professional-looking appliance without the mess. Fewer fingerprints, less cleanup – this is what next-gen stainless looks like.

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Black Stainless Steel

Whirlpool Black Stainless Steel Finish

Whirlpool’s new Black Stainless Steel finish is the tall dark and handsome update stainless steel has been waiting for. The elegant brushed metal gives you a rich tone with more fingerprint resistance in the matte finish. The hottest appliance trend of 2019, black stainless is making a name for itself, and with options across its entire line, Whirlpool is leading the charge.

Word of warning here, though. Black Stainless Steel is not as durable as regular stainless steel. Most black stainless steel finishes are coated atop of traditional steel panels. As a result, the smallest scratch stands out like a beacon. If you have small children, or your appliances are going to be in high traffic areas you may want to consider traditional stainless steel or black appliances instead.

That being said, if you’re leaning towards a high contrast modern kitchen design, adding some pop to an industrial kitchen, or even updating appliances in an existing kitchen with dark natural wood cabinets then Black Stainless Steel could be the perfect finish for you.

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Sunset Bronze

Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Appliance Finish

With a look over their shoulder, Whirlpool brought a vintage inspiration to their newest and hottest finish, Sunset Bronze. With Rose-Gold undertones, this warm stainless steel is absolutely stunning and its neutral tones are perfect in any open kitchen.

Like the black and new stainless steel collections, Sunset Bronze appliances are fingerprint resistant so you’ll get a maximum look with a minimum fuss. Sunset Bronze is a great compliment to any design featuring light colours, natural wood cabinetry or earthy tones. And if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to upgrade those older Almond or Beige appliances, then wait no more Sunset Bronze is a near-perfect replacement.


On the downside, Sunset Bronze is relatively new and not market-tested. Simply put, there’s no guarantee the finish will be available in a few years if you need to replace a broken appliance.

But what the heck, live dangerously. Sunset Bronze is just that good looking.

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Snow White

Whirlpool White Appliance Finish

This isn’t your grandmother’s white finish. White goes way back to the first appliances, but Whirlpool’s brought white finishes into the Twenty-First Century with a sleek reboot. The perfect complement to any kitchen and cabinet colour, this new white finish will pop in any kitchen while adding a down-to-earth elegance to it that cold stainless steel can’t match.

White appliance finishes always had a clean look, and when you consider how high maintenance stainless steel finishes are, there’s no contest. If you have small children, or your kitchen gets a lot of use then you may want to consider a brilliant white finish from Whirlpool.

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Back in Black

Whirlpool Black Appliance Finish

Don’t call it a comeback, black has been around for years. Sitting back here, making everybody look good. The perfect match to dark cabinetry, high contrast or minimalist kitchen designs, black brings elegance to any modern or throwback look.

Perfect for large kitchens, and ultra-modern designs, black finishes tend to darken a room so they’re not amazing for small spaces, or someone looking for a cozy, more homey vibe.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance option, then black has you covered. Black finishes hide smudges and wipe clean easily. If you’ve got little one running around, then black is definitely something to consider.

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And just like that, Whirlpool’s got you and your appliances covered. With Brandsource and Whirlpool new class of designer finishes, there’s never been a better time to buy.

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