4 Materials that Make the Best Kitchen Countertops


The kitchen is the heart of a home. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you know that one of the biggest decisions you will make is the type of countertops you want to install. Your kitchen countertop materials play a big role in the overall style, layout, upkeep, and daily use of your kitchen. Before committing to your countertop material, read the descriptions below to learn more about the four most popular kitchen countertop materials:


1. Quartz

Quartz is quickly becoming one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials, and it’s easy to see why. Quartz is known for being very versatile, with a variety of types to complement different styles such as caesar stone, silestone, cambria, krion, neolith, and dekton. Quartz countertop materials are a combination of quartz (93%) and a resin mixture (7%), which makes the material stronger and more flexible than granite. It also easily resists stains because it is a non-porous material. Countertop experts generally claim that quartz countertops offer the best value because of their clean, modern look, low upkeep, versatile styles, and affordable prices.   


2. Natural Stone

Stone countertops, such as granite or marble, have dominated the market for the last decade for good reason. Granite countertops have a rich, natural look that adds texture and dimension to otherwise plain kitchens. They are available in a wide range of color schemes, relatively affordable, and extremely low-maintenance. Granite is also dense, and not as porous as other materials; so it resists stains easily. Marble countertops are a close second as the most popular stone material. Marble has a classic, timeless appeal that adds sophistication to any kitchen. Marble does require a sealant to be applied routinely to hold off stains, so the upkeep is something to consider when choosing marble countertops for your home.  



3. Solid Wood

Increasing in popularity, solid wood countertops provide the ultimate warm and natural look to your kitchen. They are made from strips of wood sealed together in patterns, adding depth and texture to your space. There are a variety of woods with unique grain styles and color tones to choose from, such as maple, cherry, oak, birch and teak. Specialty grasses such as bamboo are also commonly used in countertops. Solid wood can be finished with specific stains and finishes that complement the wood tone and color scheme of your kitchen. It’s important to note that periodic sealing is required on wood countertops in order to prevent stain damage. Wood countertops are also more prone to scratch and dent damage, so they may need to be re-finished if they start to show wear-and-tear. 


4. Corian

Corian is a great addition to modern-styled kitchens due to its clean appearance and lack of seams. It is a man-made material made of binding resins (33%) and minerals (66%), and can be specially formatted to fit any countertop length while still including an area for a sink. Because of its acrylic and non-porous composition, Corian is impervious to stains and etching from acidic materials such as lemon juice or vinegar. 


Consider Your Layout

The kitchen countertop materials you choose may be influenced by the layout of your kitchen. There are different kitchen layout combinations to consider when remodeling as well. Choosing a countertop material can be difficult, but it is hard to go wrong when you choose from one of these four popular options. 


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