3 Popular Kitchen Features That Are Falling out of Favour


3. Open Shelving and Hanging Pot Racks

This look was made popular by nostalgic stylists trying to capture the look of yesteryear. But the reality is that very few of us have the luxury of using valuable wall space to display a collection of vintage porcelain. It is also quite impractical to have open shelving that needs regular dusting in a room where grime easily forms. Hanging pot racks are another dust-haven that, while looking great, is not the most practical solution. Most kitchen designs incorporate deep pot drawers where large pots and pans can be stored out of sight and away from dust.

Why has it fallen out of favour?
The implications of having exposed crockery and cookware in a room where oil, moisture and dust combine, are not great. People started realising that open shelves and pretty displays were wonderful additions to other rooms, but not so great in the kitchen.

What are the alternatives?
If you must display a prized collection, do so behind glass doors. You can even add downlights to the shelves or ceiling of the cabinet to create a beautifully lit feature. Pots and pans are best stowed away until they are going to be used. That way, they will remain clean and ready for action.



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