25+ Best Idea Free Standing Kitchen Units Sink & Cabinets


The cheerful appearance of free standing kitchen units provides more than just storage and organization. Different stylish designs can be created since these kitchen units can be moved, mixed and matched.

Redesigning free standing furniture costs effectively. You just simply repurpose the upcycled furniture for a new trend. Get some inspiration from these following ideas to create your own kitchen style.

Creative Free Standing Kitchen Units

1. Choose a Free Standing Kitchen Units

free standing kitchen units

freestanding kitchen units by pinterest

Styles and tones become parts of your big consideration to choose free standing kitchen units. This rustic style, combined with lighter tones of base units, creates a characterful smooth kitchen.

A traditional butcher block contrasted with the other vintage furnishings.An island unit, a display dresser, and a chair are finished in one coating to give an aged look. When the antique furniture meets the retro ones, those are all great for expressing a contemporary-vintage feeling.

Pros :
1. The layout tones are in tune with the furniture.
2. It looks clean and tidy.

Con :
It looks monotonous in plain white.

2. Free Standing Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

free standing kitchen pantry
free standing kitchen units by pinterest

This classic open-shelves dresser is an old furniture that is redesigned with a modern touch. Since grey becomes a hip color in modern living, you can give the old dresser a new coat of grey painting.

The kitchen pantry cabinetsreborn with a solid grey finishing to create a modern look. This will maximize the function of your existing furniture. It means that decorating freestanding kitchen units do not need to have costly fitted equipment.

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3. Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets Units

free standing kitchen cabinets
Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets Units by pinterest

A perfect combination of dark and light shades is presented in the following kitchen units. It shows what a freestanding kitchen should be. You can freely evolve the coat finishing to suit your needs.

A brown hand-painted kitchen cabinet creates a contrast with the wall mounted dresser. The lighter tone of the layout truly fits to the wooden units. However, no need to get matched to have flawless freestanding kitchen cabinet units.

4. Colorful Free Standing Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

free standing kitchen pantry cabinet
Colorful Free Standing Kitchen Pantry Cabinets by pinterest

It’s either now or never, try to take vibrant colors to your kitchen units. Blue, grey, and off-white tones meet the white walls and floorings to accentuate this fabulous freestanding design. The blue sink cabinet becomes a focal unit since it diffuses fresh and bright ambiance.This colorful pantry cabinet really shows a charming modern look.

Pros :
1. Painted cabinets last longer.
2. It can be easily repainted.

Cons :
1. It is less durable.
2. It is a luxury option and expensive.

5. Units Freestanding Pantry Cabinet

free standing kitchen
Units Freestanding Pantry Cabinet by pinterest

You’ll see how stand-alone pantry cabinet units breathe new life into the old pantry. They will function as more serving space in modern living. The distressed solid wood island is in tune with the light tones of the design layout. It also suits with the grey open-shelves dresser. The colorful hooded hanging lamps add adorable colors to the space.

6. Sparkle With Metallics Free Standing Kitchen Units

free standing kitchen island
Sparkle With Metallics Free Standing Kitchen Units by pinterest

Add a touch of industrial in your kitchen by designing it with metallic kitchen units. The metallic tone brightens up the space with its super modern sheen. A wooden island with butcher block stands out with its dark shade. While this chunky cook’s table with the steel kitchen tools is completely bearing a sophisticated urban atmosphere.

Pros :
1. Easy maintenance and pest management.
2. Safety and strength.
3. High utility of space and environmental friendly.

Cons :
1. Heavy and sturdy.
2. Poor finishing.
3. Not suitable for some flooring design.

7. Add Red Accents to Your free Standing Kitchen Units

stand alone kitchen
free standing kitchen units

The kitchen’s stylish design might be either traditional or modern.The furniture design is a combination of stainless steel and wooden units. The red cook’s table is positioned between the wooden cabinets to get an elegant vibrant appearance.

The brown rustic kitchen units are embellished with red accessories like the kitchen tools, the pendant lamps, and the clock. Red accents perfectly give perky energy into your freestanding kitchen units.

Pros :
1. It has a unique blend of old and new era.
2. It has an eye catching style tones.

Con :
The steel furnishings cost more budget.

8. Units Free Standing Kitchen Sink

free standing kitchen sink
Units Free Standing Kitchen Sink  by pinterest

Wooden free standing kitchen sinks become famous units instead of traditional ceramics and modern stainless steel. This kind of wooden sink can fit to any types of kitchen spaces. The stand-alone sink has solid white finishing. White furniture will never stop invading your house with its classic beauty.

Pro :
It is the most popular unit among others.

Con :
It’s not integrated with dishwasher or water station.

9. Kitchen Storage Cabinets Free Standing Units

free standing kitchen cupboards
Kitchen Storage Cabinets Free Standing Units by pinterest

This is such a fascinating stand-alone storage cabinet with attractive cupboard. The wooden cabinet also has three drawers between tiny shelves.This versatile storage cabinet can be used in many ways. Use this cabinet to store some bits and pieces such as pasta, cereals, jam and kitchen herbs.

Pro :
It has large capacity for storage.

Con :
It requires large space.

10. Stick Out From the Crowd Free Standing Kitchen Unit

freestanding island
free standing kitchen units

Stand out from the crowd since the free standing kitchen units are made from stainless steel. “All steel” furniture represent a modern interior design. The vintage design is suitable for an easy going kitchen layout. Those all steel units consist of polished-steel desk, display cabinet and cabinet drawers.

11. Free Standing Kitchen Larder Units

freestanding larder unit
Free Standing Kitchen Larder Units by pinterest

Aside from stainless steel furniture, this kitchen also brings up a rustic style with its wooden kitchen unit. Create a kitchen as unique as you desired with a combination of stainless steel and wooden kitchen units.

A large kitchen larder with open-shelves keep the things neat. The steel table island looks contrast with the wooden flooring and ceiling. This modern kitchen shows that old and new design can work harmoniously.

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12. Stainless Steel Free Standing Kitchen Units

free standing kitchen larder
Stainless Steel Free Standing Kitchen Units

Stainless steel furniture completely includes a center table, handwash basin, countertop, sink unit, wall cupboard, wall benches, and storage cabinet. A large space requires some stylish free standing units to match with the living space furnishings.


Here, in the dining space, cooking, and living collide with a laid back kitchen design. A tall kitchen larder unit comes with the industrial style sideboard. This attractive kitchen has a monochrome theme which is decorated with lots of photograph on the wall.

13. Free Standing Kitchen All Set

freestanding larder units
Free Standing Kitchen All Set by pinterest

Free standing kitchen units enable you to rearrange and remodel the existing furniture. It starts by deciding a space layout area. A lighter shade layout works well with brown and grey free standing kitchen all set. Get your paint ready for mixing color to decorate your old furniture. Use your own hand printing to add new colors to the kitchen all set.

14. Free Standing Kitchen Island

free standing kitchen larder
Free Standing Kitchen Island by pinterest

Free standing kitchen units consist of carts, built-in cabinet, kitchen island, and some other furniture. Free standing kitchen islands offer multi-functional use for the home owner. A kitchen island can be mixed up with any designs and styles. It is also used to bridge the space between kitchen and dining area.

15. Modern Free Standing Kitchen Units

free standing kitchen counter
Modern Free Standing Kitchen Units by pinterest

Whether you are looking for a modern touch to your kitchen, rebuilt industrial furniture is the best way. With stainless steel kitchen units, you can simply organize and move the units around until you get a decorating scheme as you desire. Also apply black, white, or grey tones to your wall surface area because these colors represent a modern style.

16. Free Standing Kitchen Cupboards

free standing kitchen cabinets argos
Free Standing Kitchen Cupboards by pinterest

Free standing cupboards represent a shout-out to the past and home owner’s way to control the flexibility of installation. They are base cupboards that have legs.

A good quality of free standing kitchen cpboards is constructed from solid and hardwood veneered panels. This combination ensures the stability and durability. The box drawers are designed with traditional dovetail joints.

Pros :
1. It is moveable.
2. It is easier cleaning.

Con :
Not all cupboards finished on all sides.

17. Free Standing Kitchen Sink Unit

free standing kitchen units uk
Free Standing Kitchen Sink Unit by pinterest

This is a free standing kitchen sink with a traditional-classic design. It gives a calming color combination of the white cabinet and the brown countertop. This hand painted design fits to a kitchen that keeps with a period property. Actually, whatever is the style, free standing sink units give your kitchen a different look.

18. Include a Free Standing Kitchen Units Cabinet

free standing kitchen cabinets ikea
Include a Free Standing Kitchen Units Cabinet by pinterest

Instead of kitchen, this small kitchen cabinet can be included in any space of the house. The free standing cabinet which is teamed up with these antique furniture will look fabulous.

Contrast tones between the soft grey cabinet and light brown countertop offer an outstanding style. When fitted units look too messy in a certain space, this free standing cabinet can replace them ideally.

19. Free Standing Pantry Cabinet

Freestanding Pantry Cabinet
Free Standing Pantry Cabinet

Mix the materials, colors, and styles is allowed when you want to redesign your pantry. Likewise, adding and moving your free standing units are acceptable. However, make sure that you give enough space to walk around the kitchen comfortably. It is not a must to fill every area with cabinets.

Pro :
More storage cabinets are available.

Cons :
1. This kitchen is full of large size pantry cabinets.
2. Not enough space to use the kitchen pleasantly.

20. Free Standing Kitchen Larder Units

freestanding larder image
free standing kitchen larder units by pinterest

Free standing kitchen larder units can be made in either shaker, cock bead or fluted bead style. For the greatest durability, they are not made from chipboard, plywood or veneer.

Here, the larder unit with lovable hand carved is integrated with storage cabinet. The larder unit itself has six bread slats, six spice drawers and an open shelf in the center.

21. Free Standing Kitchen Island Ideas

kitchen stand alone cabinet
Free Standing Kitchen Island Ideas by pinterest

Free standing kitchen islands include utility tables, butcher blocks, and island carts. Add decorative patterns and splashes colors will give entertaining purposes. Standing up in stripes with shades of yellow, blue, and white seems to be more attractive and relaxing.

Pro :
It can be redesigned repeatedly.

Con :
Permanent models are not provided.

22. Cheap Free Standing Kitchen Units

Cheap Free Standing Kitchen Units
Cheap Free Standing Kitchen Units

No matter how many times you spend to rebuilt the free standing kitchen units, it is still much cheaper than purchasing a new budget-friendly furniture. So, redesign your existing units and move them around to get a better new appearance.

Positioning an old butcher block in the middle of space will stand as an island. Also, a worktop or prep work location can be created by rising the old butcher block versus the wall surface.

Pros :
1. Moving one unit can create more units.
2. It is cheaper than purchasing a new one.

Cons :
1. It need extra time and energy to rebuilt.
2. It requires creativity to do art painting.

23. Industrial freestanding Kitchen Units

freestanding island
Industrial freestanding Kitchen Units by pinterest

All stainless steel furniture is designed in industrial style. Combine the steel kitchen units with white metro tiles. Tile to the ceiling and use grey ground to make the brick pattern stand out. Get white and pale shade of grey as color layout. Paint it in varying shades to kitchen unit doors, dressers, floors, drawers, and so on.

24. A Freestanding Kitchen Work Surface

A Freestanding Kitchen Work Surface
A Freestanding Kitchen Work Surface

This is how a free standing kitchen work surface is created. Work surface can be rebuilt from high tables or butcher blocks with free standing kitchen islands which feature cupboards and drawers. Positioning them next to fitted units and adding other free standing units to design a totally flexible area.

25. Creative Free Standing Kitchen Units Style

Creative Free Standing Kitchen Units Style
Creative Free Standing Kitchen Units Style by pinterest

Designing creative styles can be simply done by making full use of your existing furniture and tools. For example, you need extra storages, but they don’t mean cupboards. Display your pots and pans by mounting them on the wall. It will avoid overwhelming extra spaces.

Instead of displaying on the wall, you can add extra shelves underneath your wooden tables. Just simply put your pots and pans on the shelves, of course, without consuming extra spaces.

26. Free Standing Kitchen Units Ideas Traditional Cottage

Free Standing Kitchen
Free Standing Kitchen Units Ideas Traditional Cottage by pinterest

Fortunately, traditional cottages do not suit fitted furniture, but they suit free standing kitchen units. Upcycle furnishings and existing free standing units will perfectly create vintage cottages. Mix and arrange them around to discover the units that suit your style.

Pros :
1. No need to buy new furniture.
2. Simply reuse the existing units.

Con :
Fitted furniture cannot be transformed into traditional cottages.

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27. Free Standing Kitchen Units Ideas Simple

freestanding kitchen company
kitchen designs

What can you do with your fitted cooking area? We can transform it into a unique cooking space. Simply combining free standing kitchen units with a few ornaments will offer your space an amazing and specific design. Your cooking area will stay functional and practical as well as the kitchen units.

Conclusion :

There you go! All these free standing kitchen units could give you some inspiration on how to decorate your own kitchen. Some of these ideas even not require new furniture, as you can upcycle your own old and unused furniture.


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