Metasploit Framework (MSF), the Metasploit Project’s best-known creation, is a software platform for developing, testing, and executing exploits. It can be used to create security testing tools and exploit modules and also as a penetration testing system.

What if a tool like metasploit framework into your pocket, it’s great right..?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to install metasploit framework on android device, using TERMUX, bukan TERMOS (KIDDING)

Download a Script from Github :

pkg install git (if it not installed) 
git clone 

Run Script to Install metasploit framework :

cd Metasploit_termux 
chmod +x 
./ or bash

If any Error occurs :

apt -y install git ruby ruby-dev make clang autoconf curl wget ncurses-utils libsqlite-dev postgresql postgresql-dev libpcap-dev libffi-dev libxslt-dev pkg-config
cd metasploit-framework 
bundle install 
bundle update nokogiri (package name will be another)

Run program using msfconsole, msfvenom. for better understanding go with visual learning.