How My PST File Gets Emptied After Using Scanpst.exe

Normally, issues with Outlook are due to corruption in the data file called PST. These PST files can get corrupted due to various reasons such as storing the PST file on a server or corruption in the hard drive where PST files are stored. It can also happen if Outlook is closed suddenly when the PST file is being accessed.

Fix PST file empty

Such corrupt PST files can cause various problems in Outlook such as Outlook freezing, hanging, trouble sending emails, various kinds of error messages etc. But these issues are often resolved when the associated PST file is repaired. To repair this PST file, a built-in tool called Scanpst is very useful. You can also download Scanpst.exe for Outlook using the link provided.

Scanpst.exe is a fantastic tool to repair minor corruption issues in PST files. However, there are some disadvantages like it cannot be used when the file is severely corrupt. Also, when the PST file is too large, Scanpst may not function very well. Some users have complained that the PST file gets emptied after using Scanpst and this issue will be addressed here in this article.

How does Scanpst work?

To run Scanpst, all you need to do is select the PST file to repair and click the Repair button. This tool is designed to fix lower level corruption issues. What Scanpst does when it finds inconsistencies in the PST file is that it

  • Rebuilds the damaged/corrupt header
  • Resets the structure of the file

But when there are higher level inconsistencies such as those related to messages, notes, calendars, sub-folders etc., then it cannot be repaired using Scanpst. Since Scanpst cannot read the folder structure, the tool fails to repair files stored in the respective folder and may cause deletion of data in the PST file.

Repair PST files using Remo Repair PST software

In order to repair the PST file, you can use a dedicated PST repair tool called Remo Repair PST. This software is designed to repair PST files without causing any damage to your PST file since it works in a read-only mode. There will be no risk of data deletion in the PST file like in the case of Scanpst. Hence, Remo Repair PST is completely safe to use.

It is capable of repairing all kinds of minor and major corruption issues in PST files. Once the file is repaired, it is possible to access your Outlook data like emails, calendars, contacts, etc. just by importing the PST file to your Outlook.

Another advantage of Remo Repair PST is that the repair process involves only 3 steps. All you have to do is select the PST file to repair, click on the Repair button and finally save the repaired file. Then import the repaired PST file to Outlook and get access to all your Outlook data. Moreover, this tool is available for a free download, so be sure to try it!

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