Workaround for Greyed Out Extend Volume Option

There is indeed no doubt that Disk Management in Windows is a wonderful tool to manage partitions on your hard drive. Using this tool, you can format, partition, extend and shrink partitions on your hard drive.

Extended Volume Option Greyed Out

But what’s important to understand is that there are protocols you need to follow before performing certain operations. For instance, you may find the ‘Extend volume’ option greyed out even though there is ‘Unallocated’ space on the hard drive. Why is this? It is because, in order to extend a partition, you must have ‘Unallocated’ or ‘free’ space immediately adjacent (to the right) of the partition you are trying to extend. Only in this case can you extend partitions using the disk management tool.

But this constraint can pose a problem, right? Not always do we have ‘Unallocated’ space to the right of the partition we are trying to extend. Sometimes, it is possible to have unallocated space towards the end of the drive. How do you work with these partitions? Let us learn more in this article.

Use the Command Prompt’s ‘Diskpart’ to manage partitions

Luckily there are a couple of ways to work around the issue of not having ‘Unallocated’ space on the right of the partition you are trying to extend. One option is to use the Command Prompt’s Diskpart feature.

To use diskpart, please follow the steps below:


      • Click on Windows + X keys and select Command Prompt
      • Once you are in the command prompt, type ‘diskpart’
      • Type ‘list disk’ to list all partitions available on your computer. Please note down carefully the number associated with the partition you want to delete.
      • Type ‘select disk #’ to select the partition
      • Type ‘delete partition #’ to delete the partition
      • At this point, you will get a success message if Diskpart was able to delete the partition. If not, you will get an error. In order to solve this error and delete the partition successfully,
      • Type ‘delete partition override’

      Once you perform these steps, your partition will be deleted and ‘Unallocated space’ will be created in place of the partition deleted. Now you can use the Disk Management tool and extend the required partition by utilizing the created unallocated space.

      The second option to extend greyed out partitions is by using third-party disk management tools. There are plenty of third-party tools available that you can use to play with partitions on your hard drive. Make sure you use a reliable one to prevent loss of valuable data or damage to your hard drive.

      Data recovery from hard drives and SSDs

      No matter how careful you are, there are situations where you may experience data loss while performing disk management operations. If this data is important to you, then it is inevitable for you to recover it immediately.

      For this purpose, Remo Recover partition recovery tool is a fantastic choice. This tool is capable of recovering partitions that are deleted by human errors, third party partitioning tools or due to other reasons such as format. It can recover partitions from SSDs, HDDs, USB flash drives, external hard drives, SSD’s and other storage devices. If you are experiencing such data loss issues, download Remo Recover and try it out for free!

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