Resolved – Invalid JPEG Marker Type is Found

JPEG’s are one of the most commonly used types of photo formats. They are preferred due to the less storage space they occupy and a fairly decent image quality. Although it is a reliable and commonly used format, you may encounter problems with it occasionally.

Errors such as ‘Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document’, ‘This is not a valid PDF’, and ‘Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker is found’ are common.

In this article, we discuss an error ‘Invalid JPEG marker type is found’ and some effective solutions to resolve the error.

Solution 1: Make sure the file extension and the exact file type matches

There is a possibility that there is a mismatch between the actual file type and the extension you type in the filename as a result of which an error may be produced.

This mostly happens when you type the file extension manually. So, checking the file name extensions and correcting it may help resolve such errors.

  1. Go to File Explorer and click on Organize > Layout > Menu Bar
  2. Click on Tools > Folder Options > View
  3. Clear the checkbox next to ‘Hide extensions for known file types and save changes’

Solution 2: Double check the file extension

Sometimes, you may manually type a file extension to a file that already has an extension. In such cases, turn ON file extensions as explained in Solution 1 and check the name of your images in Explorer.

If you find a file like test.jpg.pdf, this is a problem. In such cases, remove the last extension ‘.pdf’ and save the file.

Solution 3: Save the problematic JPEG using a different photo app

You can make use of other photo tools such as Photos (on Windows) etc. to resolve the issue. To do this, open the problematic JPEG using Photos, and save the file as a JPEG image. Once the file is saved, try to open it again using Photoshop. This may solve the problem.

Solution 4: Run hardware trouble-shooter

Issues with your external hard drive, USB or other hardware on your system may produce errors such as ‘Invalid JPEG marker type’. To check for problems with your hardware, run a hardware trouble-shooter.

  1. Click on Start button > Control Panel (Or press Windows + X and select Control Panel)
  2. In Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound > Configure a device
  3. In the hardware troubleshooter window that opens, click on Next to start troubleshooting

If none of the solutions work, there is a possibility that your JPEG file is corrupt as a result of which you may be facing issues. To repair corruption in JPEG files, you can use third-party JPEG repair tools such as Stellar Phoenix, VG JPEG Repair, RS File Repair etc.

On a side note, if you are working on a PSD file and encountering issues with it, Remo Repair PSD is a good option. It can repair all kinds of corruption issues and recover the image with all its layers intact. Refer how to repair PSD files here. Download a trial version of Remo Repair and repair your PSD file for free!

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