Solved – Camera not Recognized by Computer

Transferring photos from cameras to PC’s is usually done by connecting a USB cable. Although this is the most commonly used method, sometimes you may face issues. One such common error you may encounter is ‘USB device not recognized’. Let us discuss more details about the error and troubleshooting steps to resolve the same.

Before we move on to the troubleshooting steps, here a few simple things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure the camera is ON for your computer to recognize it
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi as certain cameras fail to connect when Wi-Fi is turned ON

After performing these steps, if you are still having trouble connecting your camera, follow the steps below.

Solution 1: Use a different USB cable or a different USB port

If you are not using the USB cable that came with your camera, double check if you’re using the right one by referring to the camera’s manual. If that is the case, replace the cable and check if it helps.

There is also a possibility that the USB port is damaged as a result of which you are having a connection issue. So try a different USB port and check if it helps.

Solution 2: Reinstall the camera

Try uninstalling the camera using Device Manager and reinstall it on your system. To do so, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Connect your camera to the PC
  2. Click on Windows + X to open the power menu
  3. Select Device Manager from the menu and click on Portable Devices to list your camera
  4. Right click on your camera and click Uninstall to uninstall the device
  5. Remove the camera from your system and connect it back using a USB cable
  6. Then open Device Manager again and click on ‘Scan for hardware changes’ to automatically reinstall the camera again.

Solution 3: Update USB Hub Driver

Your camera may be listed as ‘Unknown Device’ in USB Root Hub as a result of which you are receiving an error. This can be resolved by updating the USB hub driver by following the steps below.

  1. Click on Windows + X to open the power menu and select Device Manager
  2. Double click on Universal Bus Controllers and right click on Generic USB hub
  3. Select ‘Update driver’. Now you can choose if you want the system to update drivers automatically or if you want to do it manually.
  4. Wait for the installation to complete and try connecting your camera again

Solution 4: Use a SD card reader

If none of the above methods help connect your camera to the system, you can try inserting the SD card into the built in SD card reader available in your PC. This should help identify the SD card.

If your PC does not have an SD card slot, you can use an external card reader and connect it to your PC. Then insert your SD card into it and you should be able to access the card.

Solution 5: Repair corruption in SD card

If you are still unable to access your SD after trying all of the above methods, it is possible that your card is corrupt as a result of which it is not showing up on your computer. In such cases, it is best to retrieve data from the card.

To retrieve data, you can make use of tools such as Remo Recover that is specialized in data recovery from corrupt or damaged SD cards. Refer how to recover pictures from SD card that won’t show up on computer for the steps involved. Once data is retrieved, you can format the card and check if it resolves the issue. If formatting does not help, your card is severely corrupt and you may need to replace it.

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