Solutions to Fix your Corrupted Recycle Bin

Every drive on Windows contains a hidden and a protected folder called the $Recycle.bin. You will be able to see this folder only when you opt to make it visible. Every file or folder that you delete in your system resides in the Recycle Bin. You can always restore the deleted files or folders in case you need it again.

But when you encounter a corrupted Recycle Bin, you may have to face complications. You won’t have any access to the Recycle Bin, so as to view or delete the files or folders stored in it making it inaccessible. In such a circumstance, you may have to reset or repair the Recycle Bin. However, in doing so you will also be deleting the entire Recycle Bin folder that holds all the files and folders in the bin. Although, a new folder would be created automatically.

There are a number of reasons why the Recycle Bin would get corrupted or make itself inaccessible in Windows:

  • System corruption
  • DLL issue
  • Incompatibility issue
  • Unexpected force close


Now let’s look at the solutions on how to fix a corrupted Recycle Bin

Solution-1 Fixing the corrupted Recycle Bin using the Command Prompt

  1. Launch the command prompt on your Windows by typing it in Windows search.
  2. Right-click on it and select Run as administrator.
  3. If you are not the admin, you will be prompted to give in your credentials, fill them.
  4. Type the following commands and press Enter after each command:

Rd /s /q C: \$Recycle.bin

            Rd /s /q E: \$Recycle.bin

            Rd /s /q F: \$Recycle.bin

Note that we mention all the drives separately in separate commands because each drive has a separate $Recycle.bin folder and the corrupted $Recycle.bin is connected to all these folders in turn. Hence, we need to fix them one by one.

  1. Restart your computer. You will now be able to see the newly created $Recycle.bin.

However, it would not contain the deleted files and folders that were once stored in it. In order to get these deleted files back, you have to make use of a proficient third party data recovery software. We recommend you to download and install Remo Recover that will help you recover the files lost during the process. Here is how you can recover permanently deleted files from Recycle Bin.


  1. Repair the $Recycle.bin in Windows.

$Recycle.bin on Windows is a hidden folder. So you will have to first make it visible in order to repair it.

  1. Click Start and choose Control Panel.
  2. Select Appearance and Personalization.
  3. Choose Folder Options and select view tab from the popped-up window.
  4. Under Advanced Setting, select Show hidden files and folders.
  5. Make sure you uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files and click on OK button.
  6. Open C Drive and find the corrupted $Recycle.bin folder.
  7. Right-click on it and select Delete. You will be prompted asking if you want to delete it permanently. Click Yes.
  8. On the Delete File Window, select Do this for all current items and click Yes.
  9. Restart your computer. The corrupted $Recycle.bin would have been deleted and a new one would be created.

You would have fixed the Recycle Bin but it does erase all your data as you will be deleting the entire $Recycle.bin folder. It is recommended to use Remo Recover to retrieve important data back.

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