How to Hide a Recovery Partition or Other Drive in Windows

In most of the computers, we don’t see the recovery partition in Windows Explorer. It is hidden by default in Explorer and made visible only in Disk Management. Recovery partition contains important system files that are used to restore Windows in the event of a crash or hard drive malfunction. So, it’s important that these files are kept safe, hence hidden from the user interface.

That being said, in some rare cases, users may find the recovery partition in File Explorer. With this, you may run the risk of accidental deletion of files or format etc. In this article, we will help you avoid such situations and walk you through the process of hiding the recovery partition using 2 ways.

Method 1: Using Disk Management

Disk Management is an excellent tool offered by Windows to manage partitions. You can use it to add, delete, format partitions and also use to change drive letters. Hiding recovery partition or any partition can be done by removing the corresponding drive letter, accessible through Disk Management.

  1. Press Windows key + X and select Disk Management
  2. In the list of available partitions, right click on the recovery partition
  3. Click ‘Change Partition letter and paths’
  4. Verify if the letter belongs to the recovery partition and click Remove
  5. A warning ‘Some programs that rely on drive letters may not run correctly’ appears. Confirm Yes and proceed.

Now the recovery partition is hidden from Explorer and kept safe. But if this method does not work; say when you right click on recovery partition and you don’t find ‘Change partition letter and paths’, proceed to the next method.

Method 2: Command Prompt

You can hide the recovery partition using command prompt by following the steps below. This sounds a bit technical compared to Disk Management method but don’t let it intimidate you.

  1. Press Windows + X to open the power menu
  2. Click on Command Prompt (Admin)
  3. Type ‘diskpart’ and press Enter
  4. Type ‘list volume’ and this will list all available volumes. Note down the volume number and letter corresponding to the recovery partition
  5. Type ‘select volume number’. The number here is the number noted above, the one that corresponds to the partition you want to hide
  6. Type ‘remove letter X’. Replace ‘X’ with the corresponding partition letter you want to hide (noted in step 4)

Now, Diskpart removes the letter associated with the recovery partition right away and it will be hidden from Explorer.

These 2 methods of hiding a partition can be used for all partitions (except the Windows system drive of course) and not just your recovery partition. You need to take extra care while using tools such as Disk Management as you may lose all your data even with a minor mistake.

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