What Does “Enter Current Volume Label for Drive C” Mean

Every version of Windows allows you to provide labels to your various hard drive partitions. This is done in order to distinguish the partition from the other partitions present. Many Windows 10 users have reported about receiving messages from the system stating “Enter current volume label for drive C” even after partitioning. There is not much to worry as this is not any kind of malware or system error, the solution to fix the above message will be provided in the following of this article.

What does “Enter current volume label for drive C” mean?

Every storage device such as your hard drive, USB, flash drive etc. have one label assigned to it. Often at the time of re-installation, you might have noticed that each drive has a drive letter by default. This unique label attached to each drive can be changed with a newer one.

This method of assigning labels to different drives is extremely useful if you have several hard drive partitions present on your PC, as it helps you in distinguishing them easily.

Other than a better organization of your files, using labels also prove to be an important option while making changes to your hard drive. It becomes useful when you’re formatting your hard drive partitions and it would help you to easily identify the hard drive that you want to modify.

While working on hard drives, you might have encountered the “Enter current volume label for drive C” message. This simply means that you need to enter the correct label for the hard drive that you’re trying to modify. In the following of this article, you will be guided on how to find your label and fix the problem easily.

Method I: Check it from ‘This PC’

You can assign any label to your hard drive hassle free from ‘This PC’. Just follow the given steps:

Open ‘This PC’.

All the partitions present in the system would be displayed in the window. Here, SanDisk is the label assigned to the storage device.

In order to modify the label of any drive, right click on the specific drive that you want and click on Properties.

Then select the General tab. The first box in the section displays your current label.

You can change it from within the box and click on Apply first and then click on OK to save the changes.

Solution 2 – Use Command Prompt

In some cases, the volume label might not be displayed. In such cases, in order to find your volume label, you can make use of Command Prompt to work with your drives. Finding your volume label with Command Prompt might be a bit more complex. To find your label using Command Prompt, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run command and type cmd in the dialog box and press enter. The command prompt will appear.
  2. In the Command Prompt, type F: and press Enter. We had entered F: because that’s the letter assigned to our storage device, you’ll have to use the letter that represents your storage device.
  3. After your current directory changes to F: drive, simply enter dir and press Enter to list the contents of that directory. At the top, you should see Volume in drive F is a message that tells you the volume label of your storage device.

With the above steps, you shall be able to fix the ‘Enter current volume label for drive C’ message easily. You just need to enter your volume label when this problem occurs and press Enter.

If you haven’t already assigned a volume label, you can simply leave it blank and press the Enter key. This error is commonly seen when the users try to convert FAT32 drive to NTFS drive using convert command in Command Prompt.

In certain scenarios, this error can appear if your volume label is corrupt, and if that’s the case, you will have to reformat the partition for fixing this error.

Another method for formatting your partition is to open ‘This PC’ and use the format option. You just need to follow the steps given below:

Open This PC, right click on the partition that you want to format and choose Format from the list.

  1. Select the desired File system and press Start.

Formatting will remove all your files from the partition, so be sure to have them backed up before you proceed. Assume that in hurry, you have formatted the C: drive without taking any backup. How will you recover files after formatting C drive? Don’t worry, it is not at all a big deal, Remo Recover software will scan the formatted drive and recovers all your data in a matter of few minutes. Download the free trial version of the software to recover and preview the recovered files before you purchase the tool.

Enter current volume label for the drive is usually not an error, and you just have to search your volume label and enter it to fix the issue.


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