Solutions to “The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable” Error

When your hard drive’s partitions are corrupted, you may encounter the error message ‘The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable’. In such cases, your OS cannot access the corrupt partition and data in it.

This is a nerve-wracking situation when you have important data in the drive and unable to access it. This error is more common in external hard drives than it is in internal drives, although it can happen.

Read on to learn more about troubleshooting steps to try and resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Reinstall external hard drives

In some cases, re-installing the external hard drive may help if the issue is caused when the hardware in incorrectly installed.

  1. Press Windows + X to open the elevated menu
  2. Click Computer Management > Device Manager
  3. Under Disk drives, identify your external hard drive and right click on it
  4. Select the Uninstall option to uninstall the drive
  5. Then click on Scan for hardware changes to reinstall the hard drive

Once this is done, restart your system and see if the issue is resolved. If not then, the problem is more serious and may be related to file system errors.

Solution 2: Run CHKDSK

CHKDSK is a built-in tool to check the integrity of files system and fixes any errors it finds. To run this tool,

  1. Press Windows + X to open the elevated menu
  2. Select Command Prompt (Admin)
  3. Here, you will have to enter the administrator credentials and login to the command prompt
  4. Once you are in command prompt, type CHKDSK <drive letter>: /F. (Using the /F command, will fix any file system errors)
  5. If you also want CHKDSK to scan for bad sectors, type CHKDSK <drive letter>: /R. This will scan the drive for bad sectors and recovers any readable data from those sectors.

If this step completes successfully, congratulations! You have repaired your hard drive. If not, read on to find other troubleshooting steps.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, it is a good idea to backup data and formats your drive. You cannot backup data like you would normally because the drive is inaccessible. For this purpose, you will need specialized data recovery tools.

Remo Recover is the perfect tool for your needs in these situations. The software can work well with corrupt and inaccessible drives. It is also suitable for data recovery from hard disk drive with fatal device error.

How does Remo Recover work?

It scans your drive thoroughly to recover data. It uses a read-only mechanism to recover your data, so the files are not modified after recovery.

The software can be used with all versions of Windows including the latest Windows 10.

Solution 3: Format the external hard drive

Once you have extracted data, go ahead and format the drive to fix the issue. To format the drive, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the hard drive to your system
  2. Open File Explorer and click on This PC
  3. In the list of drives, find your external hard drive
  4. Right-click on the device and click Format
  5. Choose an appropriate file system and choose Quick Format
  6. Click Start to format the drive

Click Ok for the warning that all data will be erased during format. Once the process is complete, you can check if the issue is resolved.

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