Format USB Flash Drive’s Showing the Wrong Capacity in Easy Way

USB’s are no doubt a cheap and reliable data storage solution but they are not without problems. There are many types of issues you may encounter. Some issues display error messages and with other issues, your drive could become inaccessible.

One such error you may encounter is your USB drive showing an incorrect capacity. For example, if your USB is 16GB, it may only show 4MB. What will you do in such situations?

In this article, we guide you in fixing this issue using a built-in tool called diskpart, followed by partitioning and formatting. Once you complete this process, your disk should show the right capacity and be back to a usable condition.

Before you attempt to use diskpart, make sure you have retrieved data from the disk as diskpart will wipe the disk clean. If you have trouble accessing data from the drive, you can make use of specialized tools such as Remo Recover.

Remo Recover is the perfect tool to recover data from such drives. Not just USB’s, this software can also be used to recover data from other storage devices such as external and internal hard drives etc.

It is perfectly safe to use as your original data will not be modified during the recovery process. Sometimes you may even encounter situations where USB drive shows no data. You can use Remo Recover in such cases as well.

How to use diskpart?

Once you have recovered data from the drive, go ahead and use diskpart to clean your drive.

  1. Connect the USB drive to your system
  2. Press Windows + X and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu
  3. Enter administrator credentials and enter command prompt
  4. Type ‘diskpart’ to launch the tool
  5. Then type ‘list’ to list all drives

Note: Very Important! Note the USB drive # adjacent to the storage space listed. Any mistakes in the drive number can delete data from the wrong drive and consequences can be bad. In this example, your USB should be listed as 16GB.

  1. Then diskpart confirms that you selected your USB drive
  2. Now type ‘clean’ to clean the disk

You’ll see a success message if the process completes without issues. Exit the command prompt by typing ‘quit’.

Partition and format USB drive

Now that your drive is clean, you can partition and format the drive by following the steps below. This process will create a new file system on your USB and allows you to start afresh.

  1. Press Windows + X and select Disk Management from the menu
  2. Locate your USB drive and right click on Unallocated Space
  3. Select New Simple Volume
  4. Use the default settings for partition size
  5. Select a drive letter for the partition in USB
  6. Choose an appropriate file system to format the USB drive
  7. Click Finish to complete partitioning and formatting the drive

These troubleshooting steps of cleaning the drive, partitioning and formatting should repair your USB to display the right storage capacity.

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