Microsoft Edge is your default web browser that comes bundled with Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile, and Xbox One devices. It has been marketed as the better web browser for Windows 10 and gives seamless browsing experience from your mobile device to your Windows 10 system.

You can use Edge with online platforms for voice control, searches, and any dynamic information.

Microsoft Edge supports favorites, what other browsers refer to as bookmarks. If you have used Internet Explorer in the past, you might find some things to be similar in the interface. There are some changes as well.

Instead of showing your Favorites, browsing history, downloads, settings as separate windows, they appear in one single sidebar. The sidebar, which Microsoft calls the Hub can be accessed with a click on the Hub icon in the Edge interface.

You add pages that you liked and want to visit again at a later time to Favorites tab. Now, let us see how to manage Favorites on your Edge browser.

  1. Adding Favorites

There are multiple ways to add Favorites. You can import bookmarks from other browsers as well, but right now, it is limited to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

To import bookmarks:

  • Open Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Now click on the Hub icon that is present near the right end of the main toolbar. You can hover your mouse over these icons to get more details about the right icon.
  • Switch to star icon when Hub sidebar opens. Click on pin icon to pin it in place.
  • Select Settings.
  • Now check your Internet Explorer/Firefox under Import Favorites. Click the import button.
  • Bookmarks are imported into Folders. Edge places them in root favorites folder.

If you are looking to import bookmarks from other browsers, such as Chrome, you can import them first into Firefox or Internet Explorer and from there to Microsoft Edge.

  1. Managing Favorites

Management options for your Microsoft Edge are hidden from the interface.  To work around this problem,

  • Open your Favorites sidebar in Microsoft Edge.
  • You can browse and open Favorites or use drag and drop option to move them around.
  • To create a new folder, rename a favorite or remove it, just right-click on a favorite and you get options to do all the three mentioned operations.
  • You can also sort your Favorites by name.
  1. Show Favorites bar

You can show Favorites bar as an additional toolbar on your Edge. Follow these steps to ensure Favorites tab is on all the time:

  • Click Hub icon to open sidebar in Edge.
  • Now select Favorites -> Settings.
  • Toggle the “Show the Favorites bar” switch on the Settings page.

Recovery of Microsoft Edge Favorites with Remo Recover software

You just re-installed Windows 10 Operating system on your computer. All the favorites that were saved earlier on your Edge browser are now gone. Some of the pages you had saved are extremely important and you cannot afford to start research on your next paper from scratch.

Thankfully, you can easily restore all your missing Microsoft Edge favorites with Remo Recover software.

The data recovery tool employs a simple approach to retrieve all your Favorites in a short span of time. Remo Recover comes with powerful scanning algorithms to locate, identify and restore favorites that were saved on your Microsoft Edge browser.

One of the remarkable things about Remo Recover is the fact that you can recover your Microsoft Edge favorites even after reinstalling your Operating system.

Just download the software. Follow some simple on-screen instructions to easily recover Favorites tab.