A Screenshot of Computer Management window with Drives and Partition data.

Most system users must have experienced slowing down of their computers at one point or other. This is largely due to the fact that C drive is shrinking in space. If you have installed many applications, the downloaded lot of files, filled your desktop with content, it affects the overall functioning of your system.

You will also get a warning message: “Low disk space. You are running out of disk space on a system (C;). To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here…”

We can delete unwanted files, move some files onto other external drives, but it is just a temporary fix.

To solve the low disk issue, we should allocate more space on the C drive.

  1. Increase C Drive space with Disk Management
  • Press Windows + E to open Explorer window.
  • Now right-click on This PC and click Manage.
  • Select Disk Management option in the Computer Management window.
  • You can see all the drives on your system along with their capacities, free space, and percentage of free space. To increase space on C drive, you have to delete data from another drive. This process creates an unallocated partition.
  • Before you delete a volume, make sure you have a backup of all the data from that drive.
  • Now right-click on the volume that you want to delete and click Delete Volume. You now have an unallocated partition.
  • Right-click on C drive and click Extend Volume. An Extend Volume Wizard window opens up. Click Next.
  • You can adjust the volume that you need in Select the amount of space in MB option at the bottom of this window and click Next and Finish.
  • Now right-click again on the unallocated volume and choose New Simple Volume. A New Simple Volume wizard opens up. Click Next and Next.
  • You can change the drive letter if you want or else click Nex Adjust Simple Volume size in MB as per your requirement. If you do not tamper with it, click Next.
  • You can format the drive with the default setting. Do not change anything. Click Next and Finish.
  1. Increase C Drive space with Diskpart

Note that to use Diskpart, there should be unallocated space adjacent to it.

  • Press Windows +R to open the Run window. Type cmd and press Enter.
  • Command Prompt window opens. Type diskpart and press Ente
  • Type list volume and hit Enter. You can now see a list of disks along with their Volume numbers. Type select disk x, where x is the volume number of your C drive.
  • Type extend size=Y and hit Enter. where Y is the space you want C drive to be extended in MB.
  • Diskpart successfully extends the volume. Type exit to leave diskpart and type exit again to leave command prompt interface.

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