You just captured great footage using Photo Booth application. You are excited to edit all the clips and make an awesome video! When you import these videos into an editing suite, you find out that the file contains only video and no audio. You are wondering about the possible solutions to solve this problem.

Well, Apple has made the job slightly easier for us with the home audio program, Garage Band. This application can be used to save audio, which can later be shared with friends via various social media channels.

Follow these steps to solve the audio problem:

  • Open Photo Booth application. Now record your video by pressing video record option.
  • Now open Garage Band tool and create a new file. Click File -> New. Name the file.
  • You can find your video clip in clip library, below the main image on Photo Booth.
  • Now drag-and-drop your video clip into the main work area. The rendering of the file takes some time depending on hard drive space. Wait for it to render completely.
  • Click File and Save as in Garage band. Name the new file.
  • Select a destination for your file.
  • Click Compact Project box and choose the resolution for the file. A bigger resolution file implies a bigger file and better audio.
  • Once the process is complete, you can play your Photo Booth file with both audio and video!

How to Recover Deleted Media Files in case of Data Loss?

Remo Recover is an excellent tool to seamlessly recover your Photo Booth files and ensure both audio and video play in sync!

The software can recover lost or deleted MOV, MP4, AVI, WAV, WMV, and much more video files that are deleted or lost with ease.

Remo Recover software explains in simple steps on how to recover deleted garageband files and save them onto your system or hard drive.