You connect your camera to the computer to transfer pictures. Upon connecting, you find that pictures won’t load from the SD card. What will you do in such a situation? Read on to learn more about reasons for this to occur and troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Check card reader and USB connection

The first step is to make sure if the USB connection is working properly. Try connecting the SD card to the different USB port on your system. Check to see if it works. If the problem persists, you can verify the card reader.

Connect an alternate SD card to the card reader and check if it works. This is to confirm that the card reader is functioning well.

If the second SD card works well, your card reader is fine, but there may be a problem with image file format or your SD card.

  1. Image file format

If you can view the pictures on your camera but unable to load them to PC, image file format settings were likely modified. Maybe the file format was changed on your camera and is incompatible with your PC. In such cases, you can refer the user manual to reset the default image settings. A common JPEG format or other compatible formats will do the job.

  1. Corruption in card

Your SD card may have become corrupt due to interruption during data transfer from SD card to the system or vice versa. In such cases, you may even encounter a message like SD card shows empty or it may ask you to format the card. At this stage, please do not proceed with formatting, as all data on the card will be erased.

You can instead use data recovery tools such as Remo Recover to recover data and then format your card to resolve the issue.

Remo Recover is a wonderful tool that scans your SD card using robust algorithms to recover data. The software can perform recovery of all media files such as photos, audio, and video etc. A wide variety of media formats are supported.

More on Remo Recover

  • In addition to recovering data from SD cards, it can also be used with internal and external hard drives and USBs.
  • All file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS etc. are supported.
  • It supports all versions of Windows including the latest Windows 10.
  • A variant of the software is also available for Mac users

Steps to recover photos from SD cards

Remo Recover is a simple to use tool with a user-friendly interface. Your data can be recovered in only a few steps. To begin with, download and install the software on your system. Then connect SD card to your system using a card reader and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Run the application and select Recover Photos from the main screen

Step 2: Then select Recover Lost Photos

Step 3: Select your SD card from which you need to recover pictures

Step 4: The software scans your card and displays all recovered files

Step 5: You can then preview the files and save them to a desired location