ScanPST.exe is a built-in Microsoft Inbox Repair tool to repair the damaged or corrupted PST files.

If your PST file is corrupted due to any reason and you tried to repair it using the ScanPST.exe tool, there are chances of losing data present in your PST file. If you do not have any backup, you could lose all the emails, contacts, attachments, tasks, journals, events and so on. You basically have an empty file after repair.

ScanPST is your go-to tool to resolve PST errors.

You can download scanpst.exe for Outlook 2010 and check its functionality.

The tool mostly validates and corrects errors in internal data structures of a PST file. It can repair the file header quite comfortably since it is a low-level object. Any problems with attachments, notes, folders etc cannot be repaired using the Inbox repair tool because low-level objects do not have information about the upper-level objects. This is one of the main reasons why your PST file is empty

ScanPST tool cannot repair large PST files as well as password protected PST files.

Repair PST files using Remo Repair Outlook software

You can easily overcome all the limitations of the ScanPST.exe tool by using Remo Repair Outlook application.

The repair tool can fix corrupt or damaged PST files irrespective of the level of corruption.

Remo Repair Outlook works in non-destructive mode. It reads the file, extracts contents from the file and then creates a healthy file by fixing all the issues. Your source file, therefore, is not affected. All the attributes of your PST file such as emails, calendar, tasks, journals, notes, contacts and other items are retrieved safely.

This PST repair tool works on all versions of Outlook. It is supported on all versions of Windows as well as Mac Operating systems.

The user interface is pretty simple thereby enabling you to carry out the repair process safely and quickly.

 Reasons for ‘PST file is empty’ error

  • If the PST file was shared over an unsecured network, some users can modify the file.
  • An unexpected system crash when Outlook is still running can damage your PST file.
  • An oversized PST file corrupts the file header, thereby leading to its inaccessibility.
  • Any virus attack can lead to corruption on your PST file.
  • Presence of bad sectors on the hard drive where your PST file is placed can corrupt it.