You just copied one of your favorite films on your hard drive. When you play it on a media player, you are taken aback when dialogues in the film have low volume. When action scenes appear on the screen, the volume is extremely loud. This difference in volume can upset and disorient most viewers.

We can fix this issue using very simple tools. Let us dive straight into the solution.

  1. Using Compressor
  • Open your VLC player.
  • Click on Tools -> Effects and Filters. [CTRL+E].
  • Go to Compressor tab under Audio Effects.
  • Activate Enable
  • Now you can drag the individual sliders accordingly.
  • Click Close once you are done.

The above procedure ensures that the quiet parts become louder and loud portions have a lesser volume.

Open your file again after adjusting the above settings. You can adjust the volume to your liking on the VLC media player. When the volume is low, compression tool increases it and when the volume is high, compression tool reduces it.

  1. Using Remo Repair MOV Software

You can rectify the issue about movie files not playing using Remo Repair MOV software.

The software is capable of repairing corrupt MOV and MP4 files. As the software is devoid of viruses, your file is safe and secure.

The software also provides a preview of the repaired files. These files can then be saved to a destination folder of your choice.

If your mov file is not playing, Remo Repair MOV software can solve this problem quite efficiently. The user interface is extremely simple and ensures file repair within a short span of time.