You are trying to boot your system using the Recovery disk, but find out there’s an error with the EFI jumpstart record.

EFI is one of the important elements of an APFS drive. It contains information about the drive, just like partition table. The error still remains after trying it with Disk Utility and First Aid. Your APFS partition will be lost when EFI jumpstart record is invalid.

Let us look at some solutions to this issue:

  1. Recover data using Remo Recover Mac software

First and foremost, let us recover all the data from the drive showing the error “EFI jumpstart record is invalid” using a reliable data recovery tool for Remo Recover Mac software.

  • Download and install the latest version of Remo Recover software.
  • On the home screen, click on Recover Files.
  • Click Recover Lost Files and click Next. The software scans your system to locate available partitions.
  • Now specify the hard drive where you lost files and click Next.
  • The software shows you the files that could be recovered in File Type View and Data View format.
  • Now select all the files that you want to recover and click Next or skip this step to recover all the files shown on the screen.
  • Once the software completes the scanning process, you can view the recovered files through Preview

To save these recovered files to a destination folder of your choice, you need to purchase the software.

  1. Reformat the drive after data recovery

After recovering all the files, you can fix the EFI jumpstart record is an invalid error by reformatting the hard drive.

  • Launch Disk Utility.
  • You can choose the APFS container that has the above error on the left part of the window.
  • Now click Erase on top of the window.
  • You can fill out all the information including name, format, scheme and then click Erase.

Features of Remo Recover Mac software

  • The software supports recovery from all kinds of hard drives, USB drives, Memory cards, Memory sticks etc.
  • You can recover data from lost, deleted, formatted and re-formatted volumes or partitions.
  • Supports recovery of data after re-installation of the Operating system as well.
  • You can restore RAW images as well.
  • You can add file types that are not listed in the software, using the raw signature search option.

Remo Recover can overcome other errors on your Mac system as well.

If you get the file system formatter failed error, the software solves the issue in just five simple steps.

Just download the software and follow simple instructions on-screen to restore all your lost or deleted data.