Panoramic views are beautiful representations of the entire space be it in drawing, painting, photography, film or any other medium.

These views can be captured at the location with a smooth pan using video cameras. If you returned from a trip with just the images and want to create these panoramic views, you can do it thanks to Adobe Photoshop.

The Photomerge command within Photoshop combines several photos into one continuous image. For instance, you can click five or seven photos of a beautiful landscape and make a panoramic view using Photomerge.

Tips to take photos suitable for Panoramic view

  • Leave your camera in one place and use a tripod, if possible.
  • Click pictures starting from the left side.
  • Make sure you overlap approximately 40% of the previous picture in your next picture to make the stitching process easier. Too much overlap will not blend the images properly. Exposure on your camera should be set to same in each click.
  • Use one focal length while clicking your pictures.

Making Panorama view using Adobe Photoshop

  • Open Photoshop application.
  • Click File -> Automate -> Photomerge.
  • Now select Reposition.
  • Click Browse to select pictures that you want to be part of the panorama.
  • Click OK.
  • Photoshop will take some time to create the panorama.
  • Click on Layer – > Flatten Image to flatten all layers down.
  • Click File -> Save As to save your file.


  • Save the image as a JPEG if you will not make any more changes to the image. Save it as a PSD if you want to re-work on the image later.
  • Ensure your pictures are leveled or you may have one or more breaks in your final picture.

Repair Photoshop files with Remo Repair PSD

If you encountered any error while accessing Photoshop files or the PSD files are corrupted, you can repair them easily using Remo Repair PSD software.

The PSD repair software repairs your PSD file and recovers its separate layers as well. You can repair large sized PSD and PDD files with Remo Repair PSD tool.

If Photoshop won’t open files, you can rectify it using Remo Repair PSD software. Just follow simple steps suggested by the software to open your PSD files again.

The user interface is pretty easy to be understood by a novice user.