Many users have complained about an error “File record segment is unreadable” on their Windows 10 system.

It is not any other small error you come across on your computer. The error indicates hard drive failure and must be treated with some urgency. The drive could also have many bad sectors resulting in drive getting corrupted and eventually file segment is unreadable. In such situations, the possibility of data loss exists.

Let us look at some solutions to overcome this error.

  1. Clone your hard drive to an external hard drive

To clone your current hard drive, you need a new hard drive and hard drive cloning software.

You can use Paragon Backup & Recovery or Acronis Disk Director 12 software for cloning your hard drive.

Once the cloning of your corrupt hard drive is done, check if all your files are still available. This is not an ideal solution, but it does help you restore files from the damaged hard drive.

  1. Run chkdsk scan from Safe Mode

Safe mode option on your Windows system works only with default programs and drivers and hence is a great tool for troubleshooting.

  • Press Windows button + X. Choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.
  • Once Command Prompt opens, type chkdsk C: /R and hit Enter. Since you are accessing your C drive, you will be asked if you want to restart your system to perform the scan. Press Y and restart your system. Wait for the chkdsk to finish and do not interrupt.

Once chkdsk is done with the scan, you can access Windows 10 system and backup your files.

  1. Connect your hard drive to a different system

The file record segment is unreadable error can also be caused by scratches on the hard drive. This doesn’t mean that your data is lost. You can still restore all your data by connecting to a working system.

You can access as well as copy all your files to your new hard drive and install Windows 10 on it.

4. Recover data using Remo Recover software

If you encounter data loss due to file record segment is an unreadable error, you can easily recover all your data using Remo Recover software.

The software has strong built-in algorithms to scan your entire hard drive, locate, identify and restore all the lost data.

If your hard drive has bad sectors, Remo Recover functions by creating a disk image of the entire drive, bypassing all the bad sectors and then recovers data from this image. Therefore, you can recover data from hard drive with bad sectors quite easily.

Remo Recover can also restore lost, deleted, formatted and re-formatted data from drives or partitions. With raw signature search, you can specify the file type you are looking to recover and the software restores it for you.

The data recovery software helps you recover RAW hard drive data as well.

The user interface of the software is pretty simple. All you have to do is install the software, follow few simple steps and get back all your data in a few minutes.