The Future of Secure Storage Devices


Many organizations in various sectors of our economy have their own set of top secret information, like the KFC’s secret recipe, which they wouldn’t want anyone to unearth. With the rapid advancement of technology, everyone started using more efficient storage devices for storing their important data. But up to what extent are these data secure?

A London man found a USB stick on a pavement in west London and (unwisely) plugged it into a computer, only to discover that it contained 76 folders with at least 174 documents full of sensitive information on the security arrangements at Heathrow airport, including ID’s needed to access restricted areas, a timetable of security patrols and maps pinpointing CCTV cameras as well as the measures used to protect the Queen when she flies through LHR.

The stick was not encrypted nor password protected. There were also documents discussing recent terror attacks in London and what risk they posed to the airport. Heathrow said all of its security plans had been reviewed and it was Confident the airport was secure.

In this era of growing cyber crimes, a professional hacker could probably succumb all the top-secret data of an organization into his hands easily. Tons of top-secret data are being exposed by different hackers every year. When these stolen data fall into the wrong hands, the world turns into an uncomfortable place to live by.

A 2017 data breach report from Risk Based Security (RBS), a provider of real-time information and risk analysis tools, has revealed there has been a 30.5% increase in the number of records exposed in data breaches in the past year. 

The main cause of the data breaches last year was hacking. 1,997 data breaches were due to hacks, 433 breaches were due to skimming, phishing was behind 290 breaches, viruses caused 256 breaches, and 206 breaches were due to web attacks.

However, there are many ways to remove the shortcut virus from your pen drive and other USB drives, and you just have to follow the simple methods to eliminate the harmful viruses from the pen drive to safeguard your data.

Safeguard your Data:

Here comes the concept of a safer and secure storage device for storing valuable information, which can only be used on a single computer and turns defective when used on another. The main advantage of this Pen drive is to prevent data piracy.

“Mobile devices are simple to carry from one workplace to the next, but they can be easy to lose. To protect our data, we need a way to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the contents of a lost or stolen device”, says Nick Banks, vice president of Imation Mobile Security,

The secure pen drive, when used upon an unfamiliar system, acts as an HID (Human Interface Device) called Bad USB, which reprograms the microcontroller to act as an HID or keyboard. It then performs custom keystrokes on the target machine, entering malicious commands into the system on which it is used on. This process corrupts the data on the storage device.

The Smart Indian Hackathon, a digital product development competition conducted between numerous groups of engineering students, from different states across India, headed by the Human Resource Development ministry of the Indian government was conducted on March 2018. The main topic put forward for the contest was data theft.

In the hackathon, a group of students from Tamil Nadu brought together this idea of a safer storage device, which only works on one system and turns defective or corrupt when used on another. This discovery changes the face of data security.

“The students have developed a secure pen drive which will not work in another system and keep the data safe.”, said the Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, Indian Government while announcing the second edition of Smart India Hackathon.

Post-hackathon, all winning 135 teams in the Grand Finale were asked to engage with respective ministries to take the projects forward.

The Ministries had informed that at least 27 projects will be implemented and adopted by different departments, by the end of April or mid-May 2018.

With this invention on the go, the future of USB flash drive security is in safe hands.

What to do if the files get deleted/lost from Pen Drives?

Though this pen drive comes out with many advantages, like other USB devices, data from it can get deleted or lost at any time. It can be either due to accidental deletion, formatting the drive, or other reasons. If this is the case, then you don’t have to become panicked. Until the deleted or lost files from pen drive are not overwritten, one can easily get back the deleted files from pen drive with the help of professional Pen drive data recovery software from Remo. Remo Recover software restores images, videos, documents, PDF files, and much more easily in three easy-to-execute steps.


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