Quick Fix to Find Missing Pictures from SD Card

Well, it is the very tough task to get to know why photos on SD card get disappear without any warning! So, we guess that photos get missing due to mysterious reasons. Many users might think it is horrible to experience such problem because they do not have any solutions to find and recover lost photos back.

So, here we have listed some solutions or tricks that going to help you to get rid of this problem.

Solutions to fix Photos Disappeared or Missing from SD Card

When images are listed in the root dictionary but it is not showing in the gallery app, then in such scenario, you can try the following solutions to deal with the problem:

Solution #1: Reboot your device

No matter whatever may be the reasons due to which your images are not showing on gallery app. To fix this issue, the first step you must take is to reboot your phone and after restarting your phone check your photos come back to themselves.

In case of the digital camera, turn Off the camera and then Turn on it and see if photos come back by themselves.

Solution #2: Eject and then Re-insert the SD card

In both Android phone and digital camera cases – Switch off the device and then remove the SD card out of the device and after 5-10 seconds re-insert it back to the SD card slot. Now check your photos if they are read correctly.

Also read: When your SD card is damaged and you are wondering how to fix that corrupted SD card and recover files from the card, using a professional photo recovery software will be helpful.

Solution #3: Replace the Default Gallery App

Due to some software bugs, the default gallery apps may not be able to display the images stored in internal as well as external SD card of the Android phone. If this is the case, then you may install another gallery app to check.

Solution #4: Uninstall the Apps that may create this problem

This problem generally occurs due to app conflict. Just think back and try to remember did you install any new app on your phone after which your photos on SD card are gone? If “Yes” then simply uninstall that app and then check if your photo in the Gallery app has come back.

Solution #5: Perform a factory reset on your Android phone

Lastly, factory reset your Android phone if none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you. However, before performing the factory reset, you must keep a backup of your Android data to some other data storage devices because factory resetting phone will erase all the data stored on your phone. After factory reset, now check if your photos on SD card are visible by Gallery app.

So, these were some troubleshooting solutions to fix photos disappeared or missing from SD card.

How to recover photos disappeared from SD Card?

But if you still not able to find missing photos on SD card that is used in an Android phone or digital camera that you wish to recover, then you have to take help of third party SD card photo recovery software.

One of such recommended software is Remo Recover Tool, it is designed to restore missing, disappeared, lost, deleted photos as well videos and audio files from SD card. This software will help you to retrieve pictures missing from Android SD card as well as from SD card used in digital camera.

Important – Once you see that photos have been disappeared, then you must immediately stop using the SD card and do not add any new files on it. It is because new data will overwrite the existing data and hence the chances for the recovery of missing/gone/disappeared photos will become less.

“For Windows users who are looking for recovering files from damaged SD card, we recommend to use Remo Recover Software and perform the recovery process using simple on-screen instructions.”

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