Fix No SD or SD Error on Camera’s LCD

Your GoPro camera is showing an error No SD or SD ERR. You don’t know how to go about fixing it. What can be done? Well, we tell you…

If you are encountering this error message which says ‘SD ERR’ or ‘NO SD’ on your camera’s LCD screen, it means that the camera is not communicating properly with the SD card. given below are some steps to fix the issue:

If you get SD ERR or SD ERROR:

  • Check if the SD card is completely inserted in the GoPro camera
  • Enter the Settings menu, select Trashcan icon to Delete All / Format the SD card. You can format the card using the GoPro app or also on your Windows or Mac computer. This will erase the SD card clean.
  • Exit Settings menu and the camera will return to the normal display
  • Suppose after troubleshooting, if you see this error after recording in a high frame rate or high-resolution mode, then it means that the SD card is not able to keep up with the camera’s output.

Note: If you have formatted SD card and lost data, then you can use this Memory Card Recovery tool to easily unformat SD card data, in just a few simple steps.

If you get NO SD:

  • Check if the SD card is completely inserted in the GoPro camera
  • Power on the camera, verify that NO SD is still displayed
  • If the error is still displayed, you have to format the card on the computer before using it with the camera
  • So insert the SD card into your computer using a card reader
  • Follow the instructions required to format on Windows or Mac system (whichever you are using)
  • After completing the format operation, eject the card, and insert it into the GoPro camera, and power it ON
  • If you get SD ERR message, then follow the steps given above to clear the message. If the display reads normal, then you are good to go.

If the steps above are not fixing the problem, then there could be issues with the SD card, or the camera in recognizing the card. So try to insert a secondary SD card to the GoPro camera to see if it recognizes a different card, and sort the issue. You might also think of restoring the card to factory reset. But it results in loss of files. Under such a situation, you can use this Memory Card tool to recover SD card data after factory reset.

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