Solved – Unable to View Photos on SD Card in Camera or Computer

There are times when pictures cannot be seen on the SD card in the camera. Inserting the SD card into the computer didn’t change things, as the pictures still couldn’t be seen. What can be done under such situations? Are the photos missing?

Well, there are times when you would be unable to view photos present on the SD card either in camera or computer. Some of the reasons behind this could be:

  • SD card has been formatted
  • Photos present on the card have been deleted
  • Images are set as hidden files on the card
  • SD card is write-protected
  • SD card is encrypted

Now don’t conclude that your photos are lost from the SD card if you are unable to see them. There are ways by which you can fix this issue and make the photos show up on SD card. Let’s see how:

Solution 1: Show hidden files on SD card

Suppose pictures have been set to hidden, then you need to unhide them to be able to see on SD card. Follow these steps to unhide files on SD card.

  • Plug in the SD card to the computer
  • Bring up the Command Prompt window on your Windows system
  • Type the following command in the CMD window – attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.* and hit Enter key

E.g: attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.* (where E is the drive letter)

After completing the process, you can check to see if the problem where photos in SD card not showing on computer and camera, is fixed.

Solution 2: Recover erased or missing photos from SD card

At times, accidentally formatting the SD card, or deleting photos from the card results in loss of photos. Under such situations, you can easily restore photos from SD card with the help of Remo Photo Recovery software. This tool easily recovers deleted, erased, or lost images from the SD card. It supports photo recovery from various memory card types, and from various digital camera brands.

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