Mistakes that Corrupt HD MP4 Videos

MP4 is a multimedia format compatible with various media players and devices. It can hold audio, video and subtitles and other data types. It is also suitable for streaming over the internet. There is less loss of quality even with higher compression. Due to these advantages, users consider MP4 to be the most preferred format.

Despite the benefits it offers, MP4’s is still prone to corruption and data loss as with any other type of file.

What causes corruption in MP4 videos?

  • The most common reason for MP4 file corruption is interruptions during transfer process or saving process. If your computer loses power or crashes when a file transfer is in progress, chances of corruption are high.
  • Bad sectors on the media where the file is stored will make some parts of the file unreadable, thus leading to corruption.
  • Human mistakes such as
    1. Recording videos when the battery in the camera is low can also lead to corruption in files.
    2. Changing from one file format to another back and forth can also lead to corruption in MP4 files.
    3. Abruptly removing the storage device while data transfer is in progress can cause corruption in MP4 files.

When you try to open a corrupt MP4 file, you may receive error messages. In other cases, you may not be able to open the file. Even if you’re able to play the file, the video may be pixilated or have low quality. There may be audio-video synchronization issues etc. These are indications that your file is corrupt.

About Remo Repair MOV software (Mac)

  1. Remo Repair Mov provides an easy solution to fix corrupt MP4 files. In addition to MP4, it can be used with MOV files.
  2. The software can also fix MP4 files with audio video sync issues on Mac
  3. It extracts the audio and video streams separately, fixes the issues and then combines them to create healthy files. Thus, your original file will not be damaged using the software.
  4. The tool provides a description for every step in the repair process, so you can fix your MP4 files easily without going into technical details.
  5. The tool acts as a high definition video repair utility on Mac to repair your HD quality MOV and MP4 files.
  6. All versions of Mac including High Sierra are supported. A variant of the software is available for Windows users as well.

How to repair corrupt MP4 files using Remo Repair Mov

Repairing your corrupt MP4 is a simple task using the tool. Download and install Remo Repair Mov on your Mac. Then,

  • Run the tool and from the main screen, select the corrupt MP4 file and click on Repair.
  • Once the repair process is complete, you can preview the file.
  • Then save your file to the desired location.

Precautions to avoid corruption in MP4 files

System crashes and power surges happen at times and cannot be avoided. But you can take some precautions to protect your data and system from consequences of these events. It is good practice to backup your important files in an external storage device. With the prices of storage devices so low, there’s no reason for you not to buy them and backup your files. Also run antivirus regularly to keep virus and malware at bay. Invest in a surge protector to protect your PC and data from abrupt shut downs.

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