How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone

If you thought to transfer photos from PC to iPhone is not an easy task, then here you go. Moving pictures from PC to iPhone is easy with iCloud. Here is the explanation for how to transfer photos from computer to PC using iCloud. This is free if you have few images and haven’t used the rest of the 5GB iCloud allocation. If the photo library is larger than 5GB, then you need to pay for the extra storage.

Log in to iCloud: In order to transfer photos from computer to iPhone, you first need to access an iCloud website. Open browser, navigate to iCloud.com and log in with your Apple ID.

iCloud Photos: after logging in, click Photos icon. Suppose this is the first time you have accessed photo library from the browser, then you have to go through a setup. If you don’t have enough space in iCloud Photo Library, then you need to do something for the extra storage space.

Uploading: Now select the photos to be added to photo library and iPhone. Once Photos app is opened and you have accessed it, there is an Upload icon present. Click on the icon, browse the computer for photos you wish to add to iPhone. To select multiple images at once, hold CTRL and click on each picture. After selecting the photos, click Open / Choose and they will be uploaded to the iCloud photo library.

iPhone: So once images have been uploaded to iCloud Photo Library, they will appear within Photos app of iPhone. The photos will be displayed in chronological order.

That’s it, you are done. Isn’t it simple? So now you know how to move photos between iPhone and computer.

Extra Information: In order to recover missing photos on computer, follow the link.

If you are not interested in using Apple’s iCloud service, then there are other options available. You can use Cloud Storage, or Google Photos to upload and store photos. With all this in hand, another scenario is where you lose photos from various storage mediums. If you want to recover photos from a specific date, of a particular file format, then you can make use of this Photo Recovery tool to easily recover photos.

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