How to Play YouTube High Quality HD on Slow Old Computer Smoothly

We live in a world where high definition videos are prevailing. These high-quality videos have high resolution than standard definition. And these days, most of the videos or movies you watch on YouTube are also HD videos. But then one issue is with the low configuration of computers. Playing high-quality videos, YouTube videos on slow or old computers smoothly is not an easy task.

Learn how you can play HD YouTube videos on slow or old computers:

  • The first step is to update your computer with the latest updates
  • You should have the required plugins and software

These versions should have the latest updates – VLC media player, Codec Pack All-in-1, K-Lite Codec Pack, QuickTime Lite, CoreAVC.

  • When you have downloaded and installed the mentioned video player, codecs, software, and plugins, you have to restart the computer
  • Next, try to play any 1080p High Definition video

The video should play smoothly on your old or slow PC. These plugins, software, and codecs will help the video to play smoothly on your old and low configuration computer. They also contain everything required to play various video file formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, etc. They are also the standard tools needed for playing high definition H.264 videos and help in loading video decoding directly with Microsoft Direct X Video Acceleration on all Windows OS versions.

Note: If there is no sound in QuickTime MOV while playing video, then you can easily fix it using this MOV Repair tool. It will fix QuickTime MOV no sound issues in just a few simple steps.

There are times when your video file fails to play on any media player, freezes while playing or becomes inaccessible. All this indicates a corrupt video. You can fix corrupt video and make it playable again with Remo Repair tool. This software will fix broken MP4 video, damaged MOV in an easy and safe manner.

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