Recover Data Lost after Ejecting Mac USB Hard Drive Cable Abruptly

Consider a situation where you’re in a hurry and want to finish transferring your files to your external hard drives. So you wait for the transfer to complete and immediately remove your device. This kind of abrupt removal of external devices is a common mistake many of us do. But have you ever thought what happens to your drive after an unsafe removal? Read on to know more about what happens if you do this.

When you transfer files to a disk, it isn’t all written at once. Part of it may be in the buffer in your system. Safely removing a disk by ejecting it first will make sure all write operations are complete. When a drive is suddenly removed, some programs may still be using the drive and some files may be being written to the disk. This incomplete process may result in data loss.

In order to avoid this situation always make it a point to safely remove the hard drive. Doing so will send a signal to the OS to finish writing data to the drive. Once that’s done, it is safe to remove the hard drive.

To safely remove hard drive on a Mac, you can follow the steps here.

  • Click on the Finder and at the bottom of the left sidebar, you should find your hard drive
  • Click on the Eject button beside the drive to safely eject it
  • Once the device disappears from the sidebar, it is safe to remove the drive

The consequence of the unsafe removal of hardware

If you’ve unplugged your hard drive without ejecting it first, the data on it may become inaccessible. In such cases, you need data recovery tools to retrieve and access the data.

About Remo Recover Mac

  1. Remo Recover Mac is designed to recover lost or deleted data from your system and external hard drives. The software can also be used in cases where data is lost during improper shutdown or during transfer processes.
  2. It uses robust scanning algorithms to locate lost data and recover them efficiently. It uses signature search to find and recover all types of files such as documents, photos, videos etc.
  3. It can recover lost files on flash drive Mac and other storage devices such as memory cards.
  1. The tool can also be used to recover emptied Mac trash and files deleted using Command + Delete.
  2. All kinds of hard drives such as SSD, SATA, SCSI etc are supported. All file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS etc are supported by the tool.
  3. The software provides a Preview feature to allow preview of recovered files before saving them. A Save Recovery session is provided to allow you to save the recovery session. You can later resume the process and avoid scanning again, thus saving you time.
  4. Supports all Mac OS versions including the most recent High Sierra and Sierra.

How to recover data lost due to abrupt removal of the hard drive?

Remo Recover Mac is a simple to use tool with step by step descriptions. To recover your data, download and install the software on your system. Run the tool and click on Recover files. Click on Lost or delete files based on your scenario. Then select your hard drive and let the tool scan your drive. A list of recovered files are displayed, you can then select the required files and save them to the desired location.

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