Recover a Camtasia’s Screen Recorded Video

This article helps you in recovering captures that have been lost after recorder crashes. You’ll also get to know about a professional recovery software to ease the process of Camtasia capture or recording recovery after the recorder crashes.


The Camtasia Recorder shutdown due to a random shutdown of the computer or some other technical reason while creating a video.

“Here is the thing. I was using Camtasia to capture a video that was supposed to upload to YouTube. All things were perfectly done until my computer suddenly shut down! At first, I didn’t sense a little dangerous because I remember the recording file was saved on my computer. However, when I turned on the computer, I searched everywhere but found nothing about the capture. I need Camtasia recording back.”

Solution #1:

The Camtasia Studio Recorder has a built-in disaster recovery feature that will attempt to auto-recover a failed recording. Open Camtasia, go to “Tools>Options>Program”. In the “Program” part, there is an option called AutoSave, and there you may have set a time interval so that at every set interval the file will automatically be saved at the default temporary storage folder: C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\.

Solution #2:

In the event that the above solution doesn’t work out in recovering a capture after the Camtasia recorder crashes, attempt these steps:

  • Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and then press the R key
  • In the run window that appeared, type in the following: %temp%
  • Sort this folder by Date Modified
  • Look for a folder named Camrec <random number>
  • Inside this folder, you should see your video file. Copy that file to your desktop and try importing it into Camtasia.

Note: There are various file formats that can be imported into Camtasia recorder for editing along with AVI. If your file is AVI video and you find that it has been damaged after attempting the steps, then you can use a reliable video repair tool to fix AVI file easily.

However, the above solutions work when you have not saved your recording before the recorder crashes, which further depends on whether you have enabled the AutoSave option in advance! But what if you have saved the Camtasia recording in AVI format and lost it after the recorder crash? Well under such cases, using a file recovery software that is mentioned in next solution shall be the optimal choice.

Solution 3:

Remo File Recovery Software supports almost all file types recovery including Camtasia supported file formats like MOV, WMV, WMA, MP3, along with AVI.  No matter how you lost the files, the software is able to scan the file and recover to its original state.

Step1. Launch Remo File Recovery Wizard. Choose the option “Lost File Recovery”. Then select the disk where you lost your Camtasia recording and click “Next” button.

Step2. The software will start a quick scan first. After the quick scan completes, it displays all the recoverable files.

Step3. Choose the file(s) you are looking to recover by file types from the scanning results. Click “Preview” to preview the files and select the destination to where you want to save the file and finally click on “Save” button. You’d better choose a different location instead of the original hard drive to avoid data overwriting.

Extra Tip

Well, there are chances that your video file which has been recovered using the above procedure may get corrupt if you have misplaced any steps or you have not followed the steps properly. Then under such cases, Remo AVI File Repair Software is the ideal pick to repair video after recovery in easy simple steps.

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