How to Clean-up Junk Files from Windows 10

If your Windows 10 PC has become sluggish off late, then you know that it’s time to clean up the junk files. Getting rid of junk files will make your PC faster, and improve its performance. But before starting the clean-up process, you need to know what type of junk files can be safely removed.

As far as cleaning junk files is concerned, you can do it using Windows Disk Cleanup, and third-party programs like CCleaner. Disk Cleanup scans the drive for useless files and takes care of temporary files, log files, Internet files, Windows error files, etc. Disk Cleanup doesn’t clean third party installed programs. Under such situations, you can make use of CCleaner which takes care of some of the deep areas on Windows 10.

Let’s look at some of the types of junk files you can delete:

  • Recycle Bin files
  • Previous Windows installation files
  • Temporary Windows files
  • Temporary internet files
  • Web pages saved offline
  • Thumbnails

Few of the files that can be cleaned were listed. There are other files too, like, Windows Upgrade log files, Windows Defender files, and Device driver files. These files are useless and removing them does no harm. The steps to remove junk files using Windows Disk Cleanup utility is described:

  • Start Windows 10, tap on Windows key
  • Enter Disk Cleanup, now select the result from the list displayed
  • Once you open the window, you will get a detailed estimate of the files to be deleted
  • Choose the safe ones, as mentioned above
  • Click OK button to continue with junk file removal

That’s it; isn’t it simple? This is a very easy method to get rid of junk files from Windows 10. Apart from Windows 10, you can also remove junk files from Windows 8, and other Windows OS versions. But make sure you check the files properly while selecting them, as if you choose any files you might require later, then it would be too late. The files will be erased. But if you want to recover permanently deleted files on Windows 8, Windows 7, etc., then you can use File Recovery tool.

For many files that you cannot delete using Disk Cleanup, you can make use of CCleaner to quickly remove junk files. In other instances, if you have accidentally deleted files and want to get them back, then you can restore deleted files on Windows 10 with the help of Remo File Recovery software.

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