How to Convert RAW External USB Drive to NTFS without Formatting

Your USB drives usually come with a pre-installed file system. This file system defines how data is stored and accessed on the device. A RAW drive is a drive which is not formatted. The file system cannot be accessed by Windows OS. Therefore, it is unable to mount it as a drive. Since Windows sees no file system or a RAW file system, it prompts you to format the drive.

Reasons for RAW USB drive

The most common reason for USB drives to suddenly become RAW is an unsafe removal of the device. When a USB device is removed without using Safely Remove Hardware, it damages the drive. It can also happen due to a power failure or any problem with the computer that caused temporary USB disconnect.

In order to avoid this situation, always use Safely Remove Hardware. Click on the Safely remove hardware icon in the taskbar, select your USB drive and wait till you get the confirmation message.

Recover data from RAW flash drive using Remo Recover

You may receive error messages like ‘The type of file system is RAW’ or similar. In such cases, you would need to get back data from RAW hard drive and then convert it to NTFS format. In order to recover data safely, you can use RAW partition recovery software. Remo Recover is a great tool to recover your data safely. It scans your drive and extracts data with its advanced recovery algorithms.

The tool supports various file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and exFAT drives. In addition to USB’s, it also supports data recovery from memory cards, external hard drives, and other storage devices.

Convert RAW USB drive to NTFS file system

Once you have recovered data from RAW USB successfully, you can then format it to convert to NTFS file system.

  1. Right click on Start and select File Explorer
  2. Locate your USB drive and right click on it
  3. Choose Format

In the File system drop-down, select NTFS. This will change your file system to NTFS.

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