Can Mac Trash Bin Delete your files Automatically

Are you someone who often deletes files but forgets to empty Mac Trash on a regular basis? Well, then this is a read for you. You can enable a feature in Mac that allows Trash Bin to empty itself automatically after 30 days of inactivity. This is especially useful when your Mac Trash is constantly being full and is using a lot of space.

Trash Auto-Empty:

This feature is a boon, especially for users who delete many files but forget to empty Trash every now and then. Also, when you enable the warning message – ‘Show warning before emptying the Trash’ you can prevent losing important files if any. This option is enabled by default, however, you can turn it on manually if it is not enabled.

You can still manually empty Trash. It has no impact other than deleting items automatically. For any files deleted accidentally, you can use the Put Back feature. You can also use the Delete Immediately feature if you don’t wish to wait for 30 days to permanently erase a file.

Note: Files once removed cannot be recovered from Trash unless you have a Time Machine backup. So be careful when you are deleting files permanently. Also, if you want to recover deleted Outlook 2011 files on Mac, follow the link.

If you want to enable this feature where Trash automatically removes items after 30 days on Mac, then here are the steps:

  • Go to Finder menu, and choose Preferences
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab and check Remove items from the Trash after 30 days
  • Exit the Finder Preferences tab

So when this feature is enabled, individual files in Mac Trash will have a 30-day time until they are automatically deleted. This means each file will be deleted automatically after 30 days, individually. Mac Trash will not empty once every 30 days. But understand that files once emptied cannot be recovered. So make sure to check files properly before deleting.

Unless you have Time Machine backups, getting the files back become difficult. Well, but there is a way to get back files deleted from Trash. With the help of this Mac File Recovery tool, you can recover deleted Pages document on Mac, accidentally deleted Excel files, archived files, Outlook files, along with folders on Mac.

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