Solved – Scrambled Video Playback in VLC Media Player

         Say goodbye to scrambling problems on your VLC media player with Remo Repair MOV software

The VLC media player is easily one of the most versatile media players out there. It can play just about any video file. With a lot of codecs to boot, VLC has made its way to millions of homes across the world.

Despite a lot of good features, there are times when it fails to play certain files. It could be as simple as an MP4 file or your MKV file. Try playing the same file in a different player. If it plays without any problems, then you need to change a few settings on your VLC player.

Follow these steps to get rid of the scrambling issue:

  1. Disable Accelerated Video Output

(i) Open your VLC media player.

(ii) Select Tools -> Preferences.

(iii) Now select Video tab.

(iv)Under Display settings, uncheck ‘Accelerated Video Output (Overlay)’ option.

(v) Now click on Save.

(vi) Try to play the video and check if the scrambling has disappeared. If not, try next method.

  1. Increase Network Caching Rate

(i) In the Preferences window, select ‘All’ under ‘Show Settings. Now VLC’s preferences panel will be expanded to show advanced settings.

(ii) Now select ‘Input/Codecs’ from the left pane. You can see settings for codes in the right pane. Just scroll down to the Advanced section and select ‘Network Caching (ms)’. Increase the value of this setting. Make it double or triple its present value and try playing the video again.

(iii) After a little trial and error, you should be able to fix the scrambling with the increase of network caching rate.

  1. Play your video file from the local drive

(i) Copy the video file from your hard drive, USB drive or CD/DVD to your computer.

(ii) This method works fine if the file was playing without any issues, before trying on an external drive. These drives often go into a sleep state and VLC finds it difficult to play these files.

  1. Install appropriate codecs

If all the above methods fail, try playing the video file in a different app or media player. If it is playing fine, then there could be a codec problem with your VLC player. You are required to install a new codec or the codec might be corrupted.

If the file isn’t playing on any other player, then the video file itself might be corrupted.

Using Remo Repair MOV

Remo Repair MOV software is a great repair tool to fix mov file not playing in VLC media player. All you need to have is a healthy, working video file of the same format/shot on the same device. The software scans the file thoroughly for all errors and gives you a perfectly working video file as the output.

Remo Repair MOV tool can also repair quicktime mov file black screen error.

You also have the option of previewing the repaired video file before saving them to your output folder.

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