How to Use & Manage Windows 10 Disk Management

Disk Management is a built-in tool provided by Microsoft to view and manage disk drives and partitions. All hard drives internal or external, USB’s, optical disk drives etc. can be managed using this tool. Disk manager is normally used to create and delete partitions, format drives, assign drive letters and initialize a new disk. You can also use the tool to check total storage capacity as well as the free space available in drives.

How to open Disk Management

To open disk management, click on Windows + R to open Run. Then type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter. This will open the disk management window. If you’re using Windows 10, you can open it directly through Start menu. Right click on Start and select Disk Management.

This article explains the steps to create a partition, delete a partition and to format a drive using Disk Management.

How to create a new partition

  1. Open Disk management and right-click unallocated space on the disk you wish to create the partition on and click New Partition
  2. Select a type of partition whether Primary, Extended or Logical drive
  3. Specify the size of the partition in MB
  4. Select a drive letter (You can also let the computer auto-generate it for you)
  5. The next step prompts you to format the drive. To do so, type a name in the Volume label box and select the file system you wish to use. If you do not wish to format the drive, select ‘Do Not Format this partition’.

How to delete a partition

In the Disk Management window, right click on the partition you wish to delete and click Delete Partition. Then click Yes when you are prompted to confirm. Your partition will be deleted.

How to format a partition/drive

  1. In the disk management window, right click on the partition or drive you to wish to format or re-format and click on Format
  2. In the dialogue box that appears, type a name in the Volume label box
  3. Choose a file system that you wish to use
  4. Confirm your choice to format the drive/partition

How to change a drive letter

In the disk management window, right click on the drive you wish to change the drive letter. Then click on Change Drive letter and paths > Change. Then click on ‘Assign the following drive letter’, assign one that you want to use and confirm your choice. This will change the drive letter of the selected drive.

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