How to Restore Deleted/Lost Files by Date/Time

“I worked on some important files at the beginning of this year. I have accidentally deleted a few folders on my computer while clearing up junk. The files were in one of those folders.  For some reason, I cannot find them in the recycle bin as well. I found a data recovery solution online, they offered me to filter recovered files by file type. However, it’s hard for me to recollect the file types used. It would be great if you can help me recover files based on date?”

Data Recovery

Sure thing! Remo Recover is designed to help you recover deleted or lost files from a particular date. It is equipped with efficient scanning algorithms to scan the system and locate file types based on unique signatures. Once files are recovered, Remo Recover allows you to search for files based on date. In addition, you can also select files based on file name, file size, and extension.

More on Remo Recover

Remo Recover can be used as a data recovery software by date to restore deleted data from your system, external hard drives, USB’s and other storage devices based on particular date. It supports the recovery of files from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and ExFAT partitions.

Some advanced features of the software include Preview and Save recovery session. Preview option enables you to verify recovered files before purchasing the software. Save recovery session is used to save and resume recovery process at a later time.

Note: Do not install Remo Recovery software or save any recovered files on the same drive which contains deleted/lost data. Doing so may overwrite deleted/lost data and cause permanent data loss. The less you use the system after data loss; greater is the chance of recovery.

Steps to recover files from a particular date

            You can recover lost or deleted files using Remo Recover in a few simple steps. Download and install Remo Recover Basic version on your system.

  1. Run the software and select Recover files
  2. Depending on your data loss situation, select ‘Recover deleted files’ or ‘Recover lost files’
  3. Select the drive from which data is deleted
  4. The tool scans your drive and displays a list of files
  5. Click on Find to filter your files based on a particular date
  6. Choose the file/s you wish to recover and save

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