Fix Error 0x8726013 – Movie Maker won’t play .3gp video

Wanted to play an important 3gp file on Movie Maker, but ended up getting an error message which states – Movie Maker won’t play .3gp videos? What is this error 0x8726013, and how to fix it?

Well, first of all, don’t panic. Such error messages while trying to play video files are common. This error message could have occurred if there was a problem with the video player or the codec file. Apart from these, there could be various other causes too for error 0x8726013. Whatever the reason may be, the next step is to fix the 3gp video file and make it playable.

Fix 1: Update media player

So the first thing to do especially if you think the issue is the media player is to update Movie Maker. If the video file still doesn’t play after updating Movie Maker, then move on to the next fixing method.

Fix 2: Convert 3gp to another file format

You might be getting the error if Movie Maker doesn’t support 3gp file. Under this situation, you can convert it to another file format (MP4, MOV, etc.). To convert a 3GP file to another video format, download a reliable Video Converter tool, and proceed with the guidelines.

Fix 3: Download the correct codec

Even if the right codec is not available, Movie Maker might not play a 3GP file. So you have to download the right codec in order to play 3gp videos. Thus, enable the right codec and check if the video file plays.

If after trying out all these methods, the error still remains, then it indicates that the 3GP video is corrupted. You need to repair the video file to make it playable again.

Fix 4: Video Repair tool

When all other methods fail, the only thing left is to repair the corrupt 3gp file. With the help of this Video Repair tool, you can safely fix 3GP video file that is corrupted. The software quickly repairs damaged, inaccessible, unplayable video and makes it playable in no time. It also helps to fix error 0xc00d36e5, and other types of error messages. Even other issues with AVI, Xvid, and DivX video files will be fixed easily.

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