Mac’s Disk Utility to Partition, Wipe, Repair, and Copy Drives

Want to create, wipe, repair or copy your hard drive partition on Mac? Then no need to go for a third-party application, as Mac itself has Partition Manager tool named as Disk Utility which helps in creating a partition, erasing, repairing and copying drives. It is a one-stop solution to manage your partitions on Mac drive.

Steps to Access Disk Utility on Mac Hard Drive-

  1. Open Search by pressing Command + Area and type Disk Utility in search field
  2. When search results appear, double click on Disk Utility

Or else

Use Finder to access Disk Utility.

Once you open Disk Utility, you can use it to create, wipe, repair, and copy your hard drive partition. Here’s how to use Disk Utility for a different task.

Create a Partition using Disk Utility-

  • Pick the disk where you want to create a new partition and click Partition
  • Choose a present partition in the Volume Scheme list, and click on Add (+)
  • Disk Utility separates the partition into two and moves the data from that partition on one of the new partitions.
  • If partition has fewer data [ half-full], then it makes two partitions of the same size or else it makes one partition large enough for the data and another from the leftover space
  • Then, select how to format the partitions followed by name
  • Finally, hit Apply button

Note: In any case, you lose data during repartitioning procedure, make use of Remo Recover Mac to get back data lost after repartitioning in few clicks.

Steps to Wipe a Partition using Disk Utility: –

  • Select the drive and then click the “Erase” button
  • Click on “Security Options” to choose the number of passes to overwrite the drive with.

Guide to Repair a Partition using Disk Utility:

First Aid function will help you to check the file system for errors and tries to correct them. Select the drive and hit “First Aid” button. And, wait until the process gets completed.

Procedure to Copy Drives using Disk Utility: –

The Restore function helps you to copy one volume to another. And, you can even use disk image feature to copy an entire partition. Pick the drive and then navigate to File > New Image > Image From [Partition Name].

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