Recover Mac Files after “Invalid Node Structure” Error

“Invalid Node Structure” error usually occurs when you try but fail to repair a hard drive by Disk Utility on Mac system. It usually refers to Mac file system error that can affect your hard drive. This article will look at this error and offer a solution to recover data from the damaged hard drive.

It is quite often the case that Mac users come across the ‘invalid node structure’ error. Generally, in face of this error, you would find some applications, files or folders missing. And the Mac would work very slowly, frequently get freezing, and even become unbootable.

Important – This slowness of the Mac couldn’t be resolved by removing unwanted and useless files from the hard drive. Neither a disk cleaning application will help you fix Invalid Node Structure problem.

So, here are the ways to fix Invalid Node Structure error and how to recover Mac files from corrupt Mac volume…

Repairing Corrupt Volume – Invalid Node Structure

You can try using the File System Check (FSCK) command line to check and repair the consistency of the corrupt file system. Follow these steps below.

  • At the outset, restart your Mac
  • Then, when booting, hold the two keys “Command” and “S” at the same time
  • Next, after booting into Single User Mode”, you can input the “fsck -fy”
  • Later, FSCK will execute followed by a prompt “File system was modified
  • After that, you can re-launch the “fsck –fy” until you get the message – “The volume appears to be OK”
  • Finally, you can exit the Single User Mode

If the method cannot help you repair the drive file system, you have no choice but to take the other means. Continue reading and choose another method.


Now that the “Invalid Node Structure” is suggesting a file system issue. Therefore, actually, such issues can be solved simply via disk formatting. However, as we all know, disk formatting is virtual to replace the older diseased file system with a new healthy one. It’ll clean up all the drive data. Hence, before deciding to format the disk, you have to ensure an effective data backup.

If you have not taken any backup, there is a better solution to recover lost Mac hard drive data. Remo Recover is a data recovery software that will help you in retrieving Mac files lost after “invalid node structure.”

Remo Recover for Mac Data Recovery

Actually, this data recovery software for Mac can work both ways.

#1. Recover data from Invalid Node affected Drive

To do this, all you need is to attach your logically affected hard drive to Mac and launch the software. The software will identify the hard drive suffering from invalid node structure problem and it will then scan the drive to recover inaccessible files. After recovering the data from the drive you can boldly proceed to format the hard drive to map a new file system for reuse.

#2. Restoring data from a Formatted Drive

Suppose you hurryingly formatted the invalid error affected disk without taking a backup, then this tool can recover back files that were lost due to formatting. In short, when you don’t have an updated backup of your Mac hard drive then you can always rely on Remo Recover for Mac Data Recovery tool to restore lost data.

However, when facing “Invalid Node Structure” error, it is suggested to act wisely and does try FSCK to make the disk work again. And also, don’t stay away from using professional data recovery tool by Remo to bring back your drive and the data to life.

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