Restore Photos Deleted from Ultra-Fast SF G Series Sony SD Card

Isn’t it amazing to use the world’s fastest SF-G series Sony SD card in your latest digital camera? You would want to capture pictures and videos by utilizing the latest technologies. Well, the ultra-fast SF-G series Sony SD card boasts of a super-fast write speed of 299 Mbps. It has the capacity to capture high-resolution images with the latest DSLR compatible enough to support UHS-I and UHS-II interface. And it has a read speed of 300 Mbps which helps to transfer many photos that are captured continuously in high resolution. Even large files like 4K videos can be transferred quickly.

With these amazing features, and even more such as shock-proof, waterproof, temperature resistance, Sony SF-G series SD card easily passes off as a reliable card.  However, just like other storage devices, Sony SF-G series card also has certain glitches. You might accidentally delete photos from the card, and end up frustrated as your important photos are erased from the card. Or the card might get corrupted and files in it become inaccessible.

So when files are deleted from SF-G Series Sony SD Card, how to recover?

Well, the first thing to reach out to is the backup copy. But if you don’t have a backup copy, then are the photos permanently erased? No, that’s not the case. With the help of a Photo Recovery tool, you can restore deleted files from Sony SF-G series SD card with ease. Remo Recover is an efficient software which will restore deleted photos from the Ultra-Fast SF G Series Sony SD card. This application will scan the entire SD card in quick span and get back deleted files from it.

This Photo Recovery tool can retrieve deleted photos and videos from various digital cameras and camcorders. The program will restore deleted pictures from Sony Cybershot, Nikon Coolpix, Panasonic, Samsung, Olympus, and so on. In just a few steps, deleted or even lost photos, videos can be recovered.

  • RAW files from cameras, media files from hard drives, external USB drives, etc., can also be restored
  • The tool’s simple user-interface makes recovery an easy process, especially for a new user
  • You can preview the recovered files before restoring them
  • The application supports photo and video recovery of all file formats

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