Troubleshooting Tips for Solving QuickTime Issues

You may come across various problems while using QuickTime. Some issues can be resolved easily while some issues are difficult to tackle. Here I have listed out such issues and solutions to fix them.

Most Common Issues with QuickTime Media Player: –

Issue #1: QuickTime plays video with no sound


Check whether you have installed latest version of QuickTime

In case, if you haven’t updated your QuickTime media player to latest version, go through the procedure shown below and update your QuickTime Media player.

  1. Open QuickTime media player and select Help from drop down menu
  2. Select Update Existing Software
  3. Here you will see a message “Apple Software updates are available for your computer. Would you like to update now?“, if Apple has released a new version
  4. Click on Ok

Next, make sure that video is compatible with QuickTime Media player

If QuickTime media doesn’t support the video file which you are trying to play, then convert it to the format supported by the media player.

If there is no problem with video compatibility and of QuickTime, then check you have all the required plug-ins installed. You need to install Perian, Flip4Mac, or other plug-ins to get supported QuickTime codec.

If still your QuickTime video file unable to play sound, then uninstall your QuickTime media player and reinstall it. If the problem is with a newer version, then downgrade to the old version.

Issue #2: Error “This movie requires QuickTime, which is not supported by this version of iTunes”

Solution: You may encounter an error while playing QuickTime video in iTunes. Because iTunes by default opens in 64-bit mode. But, QuickTime runs in 32-bit mode. To resolve this issue, do as follows-

  • Exit from iTunes
  • Then, go to Finder and click on iTunes icon
  • And from a list of option, select “Open in 32-bit mode” option

Issue #3: Screen Recording in QuickTime may stuck

Solution: Screen recording got stuck while trying to save the recorded video? Then, read here to know how to resolve the problem-

  1. under Applications folder, go to Launchpad and search for Terminal
  2. Type top -u command in terminal and hit Enter
  3. Look for the QuickTime process id (PID) and note down it
  4. Next, type following command in Terminal

sudo kill [PID] (Replace PID with QuickTime process id)

  1. And, hit Enter button to stop the process

Issue #4: QuickTime video crash in browser

Solution: Get required QuickTime plug-ins for Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If it doesn’t solve the issue, try to play your QuickTime video in other media players like VLC, which supports any video type.

Issue #5: QuickTime Error 2048

Solution:  You may get this error either due to QuickTime media player corruption or video file corruption. To solve the issue, try to reinstall QuickTime player if media player got corrupted. Or else get a reliable video repair software and fix video which is corrupted.

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