How to Fix Black Screen Problem in Windows 10?

Even with the latest Windows 10 install, there is always a risk of facing unexpected errors. One such error is Windows 10 booting to a black screen. Perhaps this is one of the worse errors you can come across on Windows 10 computer, as the error would not be associated with any code or message giving you the hint where to start troubleshooting.

What can be done under such instance? Well, this post is all about fixing the Windows 10 booting to a black screen problem without affecting the data.

Recovering data from Windows 10 system booting to a black screen

Accidents may happen and data might get overwritten when fixing this black screen error and you may lose the data forever. So, it is suggested to recover data before going to resolve the above-said issue.

Remo Recover, a professional and simple data recovery software is recommended here. It offers a great solution to recover lost data when your Windows PC won’t boot, recover lost files when the drive is corrupted, formatted, etc. without making any damage to the original data.

Steps for recovering files from computer with booting issues

Download Remo Recover on a healthy PC and install it. Connect the victim hard drive to this PC and run the tool by double-clicking on the icon.

Step 1: From the main screen of the software, select “Recover Drives” option and move on to next step.

Step 2: From next window, choose either “Partition Recovery” option.

Step 3: Choose the hard drive from where you want to restore data from the list of logical drives and click on “Next” button to begin the scanning process.

Step 4: Once the recovery process is completed, list of recovered files and folders gets displayed.

Step 5: Preview them and save the required files on any storage location of your choice.

Now, let us discuss how to solve Windows 10 booting to a black screen with ease.


Resolving Windows 10 booting to a black screen

Basically, the problem might be seen in any one of these situations:

  • You see a black screen before logging into Windows 10
  • You see a black screen after logging into Windows 10

If black screen is encountered before logging into Windows 10

  1. Properly check the connections

If you’re using a desktop computer, double-check your display is connected properly to a power outlet and your computer, make sure your connected TV is turned on and set to the input for your PC. If possible, you can try switching to a different video output. Even sometimes, a change in the driver can send the video signal to a different output port. You can also try connecting a different monitor to your PC to confirm that it’s not a problem with your primary display.

  1. Remove and update your antivirus software

Sometimes, third-party antivirus software may cause black screens. Removing the software won’t leave your PC unprotected, for Windows Defender antivirus will kick in if no other antivirus software is running.

  1. Perform a clean boot on your PC

When none of the above solutions help you out, you can perform a clean boot of your PC.

If black screen is seen after logging into PC

  1. Type explorer.exe

If you see a black screen with cursor after logging in to the PC, you should first try pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons and see if it brings up the Task Manager. If it does, click on File > Run new task. Type explorer.exe and hit Enter.

  1. Remove external devices

Unplug & remove all external devices and reboot. It might mean that one of the external hardware is causing the problem if you are able to get a display. Under such case, start plugging in external devices one by one until you lose display. Remove the last device you plugged in and see if you get the display back. If yes, don’t use that hardware device until you contact the device’s manufacturer. Check again with other external devices.

  1. Boot into Safe mode

If none of the solutions works out, there could be a number of other reasons and you can boot your computer in Safe Mode to try to fix Windows 10 booting into black screen problem.

Hope at least any one of the above troubleshooting methods help you fix Windows 10 booting into black screen problem!

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