How to Fix: NTLDR is Missing Error on HDD?

NTLDR (NT loader) software is loaded from hard drive boot sector to display the startup menu of Microsoft Windows NT. This helps Windows NT to load. So when NTLDR is missing, your computer won’t boot, instead you receive the error message stating – “NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart.”

So here are 5 ways by which you can fix NTLDR is Missing error –

Fix 1: Restart your PC

The first simple thing to do when you get this error message is to restart your computer. Who knows, the error could have been a fluke.

Fix 2: Remove external storage devices

More often than not, ‘NTLDR is missing’ error occurs due to BIOS trying to load from an external non-bootable drive. So try to unplug all external drives, including all removable media like memory cards, USB devices, CD, etc., to ensure that BIOS doesn’t try to load from any of these.

Fix 3: Update Motherboard’s BIOS

At times, if the BIOS on your system is outdated, then you may get NTLDR missing error. So try to install the latest version of BIOS on your computer. You can contact the computer manufacturer to inquire about it.

Fix 4: Replace Power Cables

When you have malfunctioning or loose IDE cables, it leads to NTLDR errors. Replace the defective IDE cable with a new one. Make sure you power down the computer and then open the case to replace power cable or internal data.

Fix 5: Reinstall Windows OS

Suppose if all the solutions mentioned above is not working out, then one way to resolve the error is by doing a complete reinstallation of Windows. This method will most certainly resolve NTLDR missing error, but it will also erase data. So make sure to backup all important files and folders before reinstalling Windows.

Suppose you were unable to backup data before installation and lost data from hard drive, then stop worrying. With this Data Recovery software, you can restore data from hard drive with I / O error, data from an inaccessible drive, crashed drive, and so on. So hopefully now the error message is resolved. However, if the error still persists, then you need to replace the hard drive itself as the last resort.

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