How to Fix a Computer that Won’t Boot and Shows Blank Screen?

The computer shows blank screen only when there is some problem with your Windows. If your computer is unbootable, you can open it in safe mode and access Windows Repair options, to fix the issue. But, there are times, where your computer doesn’t boot and goes blank after logo screen. In this case, any of the above-mentioned methods won’t help you. Therefore, to fix computer won’t boot but shows blank screen issue, you need to use the bootable flash drive. If you don’t have the bootable flash drive, then perform a clean installation of Windows.

Fixing Computer Blank Screen using Bootable Flash Drive:

If you fail to access Windows Repair tools, then fix the issue using the bootable flash drive. You can create bootable flash drive either using command prompt or third-party tools. Once you got your bootable flash drive, follow the step by step guidelines to fix the issue-

  • Insert the USB flash drive with the OS to unbootable Windows
  • During startup process, hold down any key to boot from USB
  • Next, select the language and click on Repair Computer
  • Then, system restore and choose earlier date when the computer was working
  • Wait until process gets completed

Then, restart your computer. If this method doesn’t work or you don’t have any bootable flash drive, then reinstall your Windows.

Solving Computer Won’t Boot Shows Blank Screen Issue by Reinstalling Windows-

Before reinstalling your Windows, remove the hard drive from the computer showing a blank screen and attach it to another computer as a secondary drive. Then, download, install and run any reliable data recovery software like Remo Recover to help restore the data.  After recovering data, attach it back to the unbootable computer. Now, you can reinstall Windows on your computer. Windows reinstallation will solve the blank screen problem.  The advantage of using Remo Recover software is it can even recover data from a dead external hard disk, or other similar scenarios.

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