Tips and Tricks for Photoshop Digital Camera Scrapbook

You have got loads of images and wonder how to put them to use creatively. So you come across Digital Scrapbooking in Photoshop, and start to use it. The digital scrapbook is a fine way to get started, and if you need few tricks to make the process easy, then this is where to get started. Also, if you have not scrapbooked, then this is the right time to get going.

Here you will learn how to create a text combining with design in Photoshop which helps in making a neat digital scrapbook. On course, you can easily design alphabets, numeric, learn to print, and also use titles and special headings for the scrapbook. So let’s get started with operating Photoshop to make a digital scrapbook.

  • To get a new document, move the cursor to click on File and select New. Pick the size you want for the image e.g. 250 x 400 pixels, or any other size preferred by you. Now start with initiating a new document, and save it. Next, create a new Layer, type letter C using the font – Swis721 BlkOul BT. Align it in the middle of the document.
  • Now select the layer from the last step, press Ctrl, and simultaneously click on the layer and select the letter C.
  • Select option Gradient tool, choose a color option. For instance, Blue = #5C9159 and Dark Blue = #276D25. Now pull using the gradient tool diagonally from bottom right to top left, and unpick the selection.

So with this tip, you can make letter C with varying blue color. Let’s see what more can be done.

  • Go to the menu bar, click Filters – Blur. With this, letter C color will turn a bit blurry.
  • To create a shape for the scrapbook design, use the Pen tool which is present in Photoshop toolbox palette. Select the color, and fill it using Gradient tool.

Creating background – Photoshop Elements comes with 262 backgrounds which you can use in your digital scrapbook. They range from formal, understated, colorful, wild, and so on.

Images – It is easy to add images to scrapbook once you know the procedure. They can be added by just a drag and drop method and even by using clipping masks. Adobe Photoshop Elements helps to eliminate the problems of resizing images with Smart Objects.

Layer Style – Layer Styles are the next step after images.  Layer styles help in adding cool effects like Inner Glow, Drop Shadows, and so on to help images stand out.

Text Panels – Text panels are used for highlighting text on a scrapbook page. Text panels are easy to create, and can also be decorated in many different ways.

You now might have got an idea how to go about using digital scrapbook in Photoshop. So start creating your scrapbook right away. Sometimes, in the process of creating or editing images in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop, something could go wrong. You could face problems like – Photoshop won’t open PSD file, PSD file becomes inaccessible, and so on. Under all such situations, you can make use of an efficient PSD File Repair software to fix issues with Photoshop files with ease.

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