Moving Pictures from iPhone to Computer

iPhone has many different options to move pictures from it to your PC. It doesn’t provide an easy option for transferring photos like your Android phone. Many people are struggling to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer. If you are one among them, then here is the complete guide on how to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer.

Transferring iPhone Pictures to Mac computer-

  • First, you need to connect your iPhone to Mac computer using USB cable
  • When you connect your iPhone, Photos app on Mac opens automatically
  • If it doesn’t open automatically, then navigate to Applications Folder-> Photos App
  • From the Photos app window, select Import tab from the top of the screen
  • Next, you have to choose Select Import All New Items option
  • Then, click on Import # selected

Moving iPhone Images to Windows Computer-

  • Connect your iPhone to Windows computer
  • If Photos App doesn’t launch automatically, then go to Windows Start button and type Photos app in search box
  • From the Photos app, click on Import icon present on upper right corner
  • Now, you will get a window with photos, select the required photos and hit Continue button
  • From the next window, select location to save your photos and press Import button

This is the most common way of transferring photos from iPhone to Mac and Windows PC. Other than this, there are two other methods which you can opt to transfer iPhone Photos-

  • iCloud
  • Airdrop

Method #1: Step by Step guide on moving photos from iPhone with iCloud Photo Stream:  

By using iCloud, you can move your iPhone photos to both Windows and Mac computer. First set up Photo Stream on both computer and iPhone. To do that, you need to enable Photo Stream on both computer and iPhone. Follow the steps to enable Photo Stream on iPhone.

  • Navigate to Settings->iCloud->Photos
  • Turn on My Photo Stream on Photos interface

Enable Photo Stream on Mac and Windows Computer-

  • Go to System Preferences from the Apple Menu
  • Select iCloud and select Options next to Photos
  • Select My Photostream option and hit Done button.

If you are using Windows computer, just download iCloud for Windows.

Once you enable Photo Stream, all photos will be added to it and remain there for 30 days. Hence, you need to download it on your Mac or Windows PC within 30 days.

To move iPhone Photos from iCloud Photo Stream to the computer, go to Photo app and from Photos, choose Preferences. Then, click on General tab and select Copy items to the Photo Library next to Importing.

Method #2: Moving iPhone Photos with Airdrop

Before using Airdrop, ensure that your iPhone and computer are connected to Wi-Fi. Then, use the below-mentioned steps to move photos from iPhone to Airdrop.

  • Go to Photos App on your iPhone and choose the photos that need to be transferred to computer
  • Next, choose Airdrop on share menu and select your computer name

If you have the same iCloud account on your computer, then no need to save your Photos manually. It will be saved automatically. If you are using the different iCloud account on your PC, then save the photos.

If in any case, you have lost photos from your computer after moving it from iPhone, then use recovery software for finding missing pictures on your computer. You can use Remo Recover tool for this task, as it is built with an advanced mechanism and recovers your lost pictures in few minutes.

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