Sometimes, MacBook won’t turn on and creates a problem for you. It happens due to various issues in which some of them are minor which can be solved easily whereas others are some major issues which can’t be solved easily. But there are some fixes which you can try whenever MacBook refuses to turn on.

Fix #1: Replace Power Cables

When your MacBook doesn’t turn on, first check its power cable. If possible, replace the cable and try to turn it on. Before replacing the cable, make sure that your battery is fully charged.

Fix #2: Forced Restart

Try to restart MacBook by killing its power. To do so, hold down the power button on your MacBook for 10 seconds. Then, unplug all the cables for 10 seconds before restarting your MacBook.

Fix #3: Use Disk Utility in Recovery Mode

In some cases, MacBook doesn’t turn on when it has the corrupted drive. In such situation, run Disk Utility in Recovery Mode.

  • Restart Mac and hold down Command + R keys
  • It will start Mac in Recovery Mode. Select Disk Utility from your Mac drive and click Verify Disk.
  • If it finds any error, then click on Repair button to fix it

It repairs and helps you turn on your MacBook.

Fix #4: Booting up Mac in Safe Mode

When MacBook won’t turn on, start it in Safe Mode. To turn it on in Safe mode, press Shift key while rebooting your Mac.

Fix #5: Repair File System

One more reason for MacBook refuses to open is its file system corruption. To check and repair MacBook file system, you have to restart your Mac in Single User Mode.

  1. Hold down Command + S button to start Mac in Single User Mode
  2. Release the key when black screen appears with some options
  3. When command prompt appears, type fsck –fy and press return button
  4. You may get either “The volume [your Mac’s name] appears to be OK” or “file system was modified” message
  5. If you get “file system was modified.” Message, again run fsck –fy command until you see “The volume [your Mac’s name] appears to be OK” message

Fix #6: Reset NVRAM

While restarting MacBook, press Command, option, P and R keys at a time to reset NVRAM. After resetting NVRAM, turn on your MacBook.

These are some easy fixes which help to solve MacBook not turning on issue. In case, above method fails to fix the issue, then use Remo Recover Mac and restore all data from MacBook hard drive. Once you restore all your files, give your MacBook to laptop service center to fix the problem.