You are trying to save some files on your hard disk drive and it is continuously showing “Low Disk Space” error message. How annoying it is when you are in a hurry. What could be done to eliminate this error? Well, there are two options, either you have to upgrade your hard disk drive capacity or you need to reallocate free space from one partition to another.

Instead of upgrading hard drive capacity, reallocating free space is a better option which requires only a few minutes and also no need to pay for it. It can be done through disk management. There are two methods which can be used to allocate free space to partition. In the first method, you have to delete a partition for allocating free space and in second method you don’t have to worry about partition deletion.

Method #1: Allocate free space to another partition with partition loss

  • The first step is to open disk management, so go to Run dialog and enter “diskmgmt.msc”
  • It will open Disk Management window
  • Now check the partition which you are going to extend has any unallocated space. If there is, then right click on that and choose “Extend Volume” button from context menu
  • In case, there is no unallocated space, then delete its contiguous partition and then extend the volume

Note- Take a backup of the partition before deleting it. Or else use Remo Recover software for recovering data from unallocated drive.

  • For restoring a deleted partition, you need to extend the partition to the amount you need and from remaining unallocated space create a new partition.

Method # 2: Allocate free space to C Drive without deleting

The first method results in partition deletion. If you don’t want to delete any partition, then follow the steps mentioned below for allocating free space to C drive without deleting any partition.

  1. Go to disk management and select the volume which has free space
  2. Right click on that and select Shrink Volume option
  3. Then, enter the amount you want to shrink
  4. Now, select the partition which needs free space and right click on that
  5. From pop-up menu, select “Extend Volume” option
  6. Hit Next and select available space to extend the volume
  7. Finally, click on Next and finish the process

If you don’t want to get into any data loss crisis then, the second method is a good choice. Or else you can use partition software for allocating free space to c drive without deleting. If you lost any partition data in the process of allocating free space, use Remo Recover and get back all your data in few simple mouse clicks.